"The Old Farm House" Submitted By Melissa

I live in an old farm house that used to contain all the surrounding properties. It was all eventually sold off til this last remaining ten acres. There have been several houses on the original spread that have burned and so forth. SInce we have moved in, we have seen several strange things. For instance, the dogs barking at "nothing" in the corner, or laying on my bed growling in the middle of the night at nothing.... Then one evening when there was no wind, and our back yard is engulfed by tree's so even on a windy day, you don't get much of a breeze, the one swing on the swing set was swinging, we watched amazed, just figured we had a "ghost" and it liked to swing. We have seen this "ghost" many times. Its a very light figure that looks like a little boy. If we aren't paying close attention we sometimes confuse it with our own children.

Then there is a woman... We beleive this is the woman that passed away suddenly in our kitchen about ten years ago..(We didn't live here then, we have only been here a year). I think it is she that plays little games... THe broom will disappear for days, or just til I get over looking for it. I have found it several different places. THe vacuum has vanished and other odds and ends... I just tease and joke and say "Fine Cathy, then you clean the house...." But at night, you will see her cross the hall from our childrens room at midnight (usually around in there) then back to their room at 3 a.m. These times aren't exact, but they are close... I am comfortable with these two ghosts. They don't scare me.. I usually just say hi and go on... Or tell the little one that it is bed time, so go to sleep... But at night, if I stay up alone, I will feel the incredible sense of being watched, I hear noises and see things out of the corner of my eyes. When it gets pretty prominent, my dogs now outside, will start barking and carrying on... After it spooks me enough, I go to bed...

Last night however, about 11 p.m. everyone here was sound asleep, except me. I was coming around the corner in my living room, and I stopped there was something very large and black by my dinning room table, it moved directly across my dining room til it was out of sight... It was close enough to me, I could have reached out and touched it. I don't know about the odor thing, cause I have dull nasal senses... But I know that on certain days my house STINKS to high heaven.... It looked like the grim reaper or something. It scared me to hugh heaven! I didn't sleep well. Another weird thing, no-one including my children slept through the night. They all ended up in my bed.... That RARELY happens. (the second time in the year) Should I be scared of this big black thing? Will it harm my children? I was pretty scared last night. But today I have been just walking through my house telling it that I am not scared of it. I can feel "something" watching me, I feel all the little hairs on my ams and neck raise, like goosebumps, and I feel like I get goosbumps on the cheeks of my face.... Can you help me? I don't know who this is... Or what it is..... My mom said for me to move. Since I lived in a haunted house as a child, seems like there is something no-matter where I go... But this is the first of the big black things.... I have dealt with alot... (I know I sound carzy--But I have lots of witnesses) Am I cursed? Can I get rid of this big black reaper looking thing? PLease Help ME!!




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