"Sweet Sixteen" - Submitted By Jesicca

Hi my name Jessica I have had few strange encounters. Once when I was like 15 I woke up like normal sat up in my bed and looked out into my living room from my bed and I saw a young boy squatting looking through my magazine rack. I layed back down because I thought "ok I must be dreaming". I pinched myself like they do in the movies to make sure I was awake and I was awake, I sat back up and looked and the boy went up my stairs but had no feet. The ypung boy had short dark brown hair, a white t-shirt on, and a pair of blue jeans. Its like I can still see it in my mind like it happened yesterday, I am now 27.

Also when I was 16 (mind you I quit school when I was 15) on my sixteenth birthday my alarm clock woke me up to the song "Happy Sweet Sixteen" you know the old school song from way back before my time? Yeah that one, I did not have my alarm set for 7 in the morning because there was no reason to set my alarm that early. I hadn't set my alarm for that early for the past year. Freaky huh?

This all happened in the house I was raised in and also in which my grandmother had passed away in when I was five.

The only other incident I can remember is when I was 19 and my sister called me in here room to ask me if I was in my room talking. I said "No, why?" She said "Well I thought you were in there talking because I keep hearing voices or something." I was like ookkk. Then all the sudden we hear a voice liek a deep man's voice kind of mumbling. Like say you were in one room and there was a man in anoter room and all you could hear was the bass in his voice but couldn't really hear everything. That's what it was like. I got goose bumps and said "oh my goodness what the hell is that." And then we heard a woman moaning or something and then the deep voice again. It sounded like it was comming from her closet but of course nothing was there.

That house was very haunted. My father sold it after my sister and I moved out and I still wonder to this day if the woman that bought that house sees weird stuff and hears weird stuff like we did the whole time we lived there. I can't even write all the times I saw stuff out of the corner of my eye and heard the floor creaking down the hall after I went to bed. My friends and my fathers friend have had weird encounters in that house too.





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