A Few Things The SHGHRS Feels People Need To

Understand About Reviewing Ghost Evidence



Most SHRHGS members use cameras that produce pretty high resolution photos. For example; Aedryan's photos are taken at 2400 x 1600 resolution. The photos shown on our website are only 800 x 533 to cut down on loading time and to save on webspace. Additionally, when that photo is viewed in your web browser it only displays as 605 x 403 pixels. Pretty big difference, don't ya think? If you have trouble seeing some of the anomalies that are described it is due to a combination of the difference in resolution, your screen resolution and your monitor's brightness settings. Additionally, as we have stated many times throughout our website, screen resolutions that are set higher than 800 x 600 pretty much suck for viewing anything in general and especially spirit photography. High screen resolutions make everything smaller on your screen and more times than not ghosts are extremely subtle and if you cannot see the small details, you will never see certain things. Something else that makes it hard to see things is the lighting in the room you are sitting in with your computer. One little glare on your screen can easilly hide a great piece of evidence. Reviewing photos during the day is out of the question in most situations.

Aside from these few technical aspects, we have found that it does indeed take a trained eye to spot a lot of the out of the ordinary, less common anomalies in photos. We have also found that MANY other paranormal investigators that are "in the know" even have problems seeing a lot of things in paranormal photographs. And skeptics.... Well, most of them are in such complete denial that they either wouldn't even admit it if they could see things or maybe their minds just prevent them from seeing things they do not believe in or do not WANT to believe in....

Here is the biggest problem with sharing spirit photography online. Most people pull into a ghost site, looking for instant gratification. They want to see ghosts and they want to see them now. If something resembling Casper doesn't jump right out at them, yelling "BOO!" as soon as they look at the picture, they just discredit it and move along to the next one to try and get their quick fix. We've all done it! Well, guess what.... Spirits are VERY subtle and they don't look a bit like Casper! When we are fortunate enough to capture photos of them in forms other than orbs or ecto, they just don't look like a human, standing perfectly centered in the picture. More often than not, they are transparent in these other forms and they blend in with things and we even believe some of them to be able to shapeshift and make themselves look like other things in their surroundings. We have repeatedly proven that spirits can pass through walls and other objects. They just don't seem to have many boundries. In many of the photos we have been fortunate enough to have captured, we have found that they will take other forms within the walls or other surfaces, such as the floor or a ceiling or tomestones and they will still be transparent (though sometimes not). We have found them to be masters of deception. We feel that they might not even be able to become invisible necessarily. Maybe they are just able to blend in with their surroundings so well, that if we looked in their immediate area we would look right past them and never even notice them. These aren't the easiest things for the untrained eye to spot right away, but many times we have sent our photos to other paranormal investigators and individuals online for their opinions and they won't be able to see something that is just blatantly obvious to others. In certain instances, we will see some of those same people in person and show them the same photos, while pointing things out to them and they say, "Wow, that's incredible.... I can't believe I didn't see that before!" or some such. Other times people will send us emails, saying they see even more than we do.

So, in conclusion, I will say this; During the reviewing process, we put our photos through many different enhancements with higher end photo editing programs and we zoom in and out on them from every angle to be certain that what we are seeing is really there before we make it public. That is not to say that some photos don't end up being false positives down the road from things like shadows and/or a trick of the light or some such, in which case you will find a couple of photos on our site, where we made such a discovery and made it known. But nonetheless, if we say something is in a picture on our website and you cannot see it, you can be certain of one thing. It is there, exactly as we have described it!


EVP's are nowhere as hard for people to grasp as photos, but there is a different set of problems involved. The main problem we have found is, everyone seems to hear things differently. They will hear something entirely different than what is actually being said in the EVP. This is very understandable though, because during our reviewing and discerning process, the EVP is listened to under a multitude of different enhancements, such as amplification, various equilizations, noise reduction and filters. We slow them down, speed them up, change the tempos and pitches and we even play them backwards. We do all of these things, while at the same time, looping them over and over and deciphering them one part at a time. Even though we put our EVP's "through the process", we always post them on the website in their rawest form, without any enhancements unless stated otherwise. So, it's quite understandable why people who just give EVP's a brief listen to and move on to the next one, will hear something different.

EVP's are very strange! Spirits communicate with a whole different set of frequencies than we do and during the deciphering process we will swear up and down that one thing is being said then you listen to it again and it will sound like something totally different. But, here's the bottom line.... We have made it a habit to not make our EVP's public until we are about 99% certain of what is being said. Though, some of them are just impossible to get exactly right, you can be certain that we are very close.


Videos really aren't that big of a problem. The only problem with puting videos online is the loss of quality, due to compression and the small viewing area. Most of what we get on video are orbs and sometimes they move so fast that they're hard to see. Many times there will be several orbs in the same video clip and due the loss of quality in optimizing video for the web, you may not see them all. But, once again, one thing is certain. If we say it's there, you can bet your life it's there. >8>)

A Few Words For Our Fellow Paranormal Investigators

Please understand that we are in no way proclaiming or trying to be an authority on paranormal investigation, but we urge other paranormal investigators to not only start presenting more detailed and descriptive evidence, but also to start looking and thinking outside of the box when viewing their evidence. We feel that A LOT of important details are being overlooked, hence the over abundance of everyday - common orb photos and the occasional ecto photos, circulating around the ghost hunter sites and a lot of people's inability to see the blatantly obvious. Try going back and looking a little closer at your photos and if you still find nothing but orbs there are still a few options.... Find someone with either a better eye or more patience for reviewing spirit photography, find places that are more haunted to do your investigations or all of the above.

Again, we are not proclaiming to be an authority. It's quite the opposite actually. We are relatively new to the field really and already we have gotten so much unbelievable evidence that we are amazed. The reason we are stating these things is because very shortly after we got into this field, it took us no time at all to see that ghost study is relatively stagnant. We see all the same old anomalies and hear the same old theories over and over again and no one seems to be trying anything outside of the box to further the study.




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