Haunted Places, Ghosts And Hauntings In Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, specializing in ghost hunting, the study of ghosts and hauntings, haunted houses and places in Pennsylvania. Here you will find haunted places in pennsylvania, ghosts, ghost hunters, hauntings in Pennsylvania, ghost hunting, paranormal research groups in Pennsylvania, hauntings, ghost study, Pennsylvania ghost hunters, ghosts, haunted houses, haunted places, aedryan methyus, strange happenings, ghosts and hauntings, ghosts, ghost research, ghost research groups, ghost investigation, ghost investigators and much more!
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Haunted Places, Ghosts And Hauntings In Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, specializing in ghost hunting, the study of ghosts and hauntings, haunted houses and places in Pennsylvania. Here you will find haunted places in pennsylvania, ghosts, ghost hunters, hauntings in Pennsylvania, ghost hunting, paranormal research groups in Pennsylvania, hauntings, ghost study, Pennsylvania ghost hunters, ghosts, haunted houses, haunted places, aedryan methyus, strange happenings, ghosts and hauntings, ghosts, ghost research, ghost research groups, ghost investigation, ghost investigators and much more!

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Haunted Places, Ghosts And Hauntings In Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania ghost hunters and paranormal investigators, specializing in ghost hunting, the study of ghosts and hauntings, haunted houses and places in Pennsylvania. Here you will find haunted places in pennsylvania, ghosts, ghost hunters, hauntings in Pennsylvania, ghost hunting, paranormal research groups in Pennsylvania, hauntings, ghost study, Pennsylvania ghost hunters, ghosts, haunted houses, haunted places, aedryan methyus, strange happenings, ghosts and hauntings, ghosts, ghost research, ghost research groups, ghost investigation, ghost investigators and much more!
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Haunted Places, Ghosts And Hauntings In Pennsylvania


Here you will find some "reportedly" haunted places and locations in Pennsylvania. Please note that these locations were obtained from www.theshadowlands.net and this list was not compiled by the SHGHRS. Though the Strange Happenings Ghost And Hauntings Research Society organization has indeed, proven and disproven some of these locations, we have not verified that ALL of the locations listed below are truely haunted and we know very little, if anything at all about the majority of them. We are always interested in hearing about new possibly haunted locations to investigate, but we do not update or maintain the listings found within our haunted locations pages.

Abington - Abington Presbyterian Church- There is a small child ghost is spotted, it is known that a graveyard was removed to build the church in 1779 and they moved the graveyard next to the church, people have seen the child in the windows at night in the church and some people have seen it while praying at church.

Academia - Academia - Being right beside a cemetery, the old school for girls is pretty creepy. Rumor was that the gardener killed some girls and hid their bodies. It is said that if you go there at night, you will be chased out by ghosts and your car will have trouble starting. It is also said that when you are leaving you will see the gardeners ghost sitting on the steps of the church by the cemetery. Reports of a girl singing.

Academia - Juniata County - Old girls' school, damaged by fire in 1800s, eerie, eerie things happen here at night. Lights flicker, strange sounds, presences felt, etc.

Academia - Old Girls' School - Destroyed by fire in 1800s...Reports of little girl crying and sobbing...reports of sickening feelings felt...reports of a man dressed in black....reports of cars not starting...reports of dogs with red demon eyes.

Allegheny - Bentleyville - the spring - Strange sounds like organ music coming from the graveyard.

Allegheny - Culmerville - Culmerville Hotel - This Spirit has said that 'he' is cold and forever in the confines of this building. I do not know the Culmerville Hotel history: date built and original purpose. I do know that there is one very 'needy' spirit in there.

Allegheny - North Park - Old Mill Rd. - Gravity Hill - At the stop sign closest to North Park Golf Course, you are on a hill going down...but when you stop at the stop sign and put your car in neutral, you actually go back up the hill instead of drifting down the hill! I haven't heard of any reasons why this happens.

Allentown - Cedar Crest College - the ghost of a girl that committed suicide there haunts Butz Hall.

Allentown - Constitution Drive - Reports of an apparition of a man that walks with 2 dogs that have red glowing eyes. Believed to be the owner of the dogs, he was run over by a train losing a leg and bleeding to death.

Allentown - Hamilton Street - The ghost of a young woman walks down this street late at night near the area where the old Hess's building had been. It is said she was struck and killed by a car when she attempted to cross the street during the 60's. She stands late at night with a vacant look in her eyes.

Allentown - Hamilton Street - Magic Tree - People have claimed to have seen strange lights fly in the sky around the tree, and the entire area has a sense that 'something' happened there. One student took a picture of the tree and a face of an old man appeared in the image.

Allentown - King George Inn - Believed to be haunted by a ghost named Charlie, who likes to bother people working in the kitchen, drops utensils and moves things around.

Allentown - King George Inn - Several ghosts reportedly haunt this place. A woman and young child can be seen in the basement, along with a man wearing Revolutionary War type clothing. By an employee's account, a ghost hunter asked to spend the night alone there once. In the morning, the owner returned to find the ghost hunter's equipment, but the ghost hunter was never seen afterwards.

Allentown - Magnolia's Vineyard Restaurant - the ghost of a young woman haunts this building.

Allenwood - ordinance/behind the prison - long windy road, filled with old cemeteries, where some inmates were buried. bunkers where inmates had to stay. presences are felt, glimpse of light seen. Feelings of being watched.

Altoona - Baker Mansion - This mansion is said to be haunted by the matriarch of the family. There is a wedding dress in a glass case that is said to move on it's own, especially around Halloween and full moons. Tours are given and during the Halloween season, midnight tours. Some say they have seen the woman that roams the house.

Altoona - horseshoe curve- in the tunnel if you flash your lights three times and shut everything off you can hear people laughing and shadows of people walking beside your car.

Altoona - Lakemont park - At the completion of the roller coaster a Maintenance worker was killed by a coaster car during a test run. To this day people say they see him working on the track while they are riding the roller coaster.

Altoona - Wapsononock Mountain - Beulah Road - This legend is a cross between the spectral hitchhiker stories you have heard before and the sort of "Resurrection Mary" type tales familiar to the Chicago area. the ghost of the white lady still walks at night. For historical background there used to be a hotel at the top of the Wopsononock Mountain that was a fairly common getaway for people in Altoona. The Wopsononock hotel and famous lookout burned in the early part of the 20th century and was never rebuilt. In fact, at one time it was serviced by a narrow gauge railroad know as the "Alley Popper" although that has nothing to do with this tale. The road heading up to the Wopsy Lookout (as it is known hereabouts) is now Juniata Gap road in Altoona. This road is a treacherous one bearing a curve known as the "Devil's Elbow" which has been the scene of many accidents. Apparently in the early part of the century a couple was married and was heading to the hotel at the lookout for their honeymoon. I know nothing of the father chasing them which is related to the Ebensburg tale you have given. The legend goes that they were both from Altoona and were heading up the road leading to the hotel when the carriage went over the edge rounding the Devil's Elbow. Both were apparently killed but the body of the husband was never recovered. Since then travelers on this road have encountered the specter of a woman in white, sometimes seen to be carrying a candle, who apparently is looking for something. Variations on the tale have her waylaying young men and looking them over to see if they are her husband, or hitching rides with young men headed for the top of the mountain and then disappearing near the Devil's Elbow. Apparently this spirit has also been seen on the road leading up the mountain where the lookout can be accessed from the other direction, Buckhorn Mountain, and she is also known as the "White Lady of the Buckhorn" as well as the "White Lady of Wopsononock". The site of the old hotel now is littered with television and radio towers and is still a sort of "lover's lane" spot for a lot of folks. Apparently some of the technicians at the towers have reported seeing her, but the most recent account (late 1990's) involved a man who offered her a ride. She apparently got into the car and he could not see her in the rear view mirror but could see her when he turned around. She said nothing to him and disappeared at the Devil's Elbow. Much like Resurrection Mary, it is a difficult tale to dispute since it has occurred so often to so many people over such a long stretch of time. Although the historical details are sketchy! No one knows who she was or when the accident actually took place. If you ever get a chance to get to this area take a trip on either road and you may get a chance to run into her.

Amity Hall - Amity Hall Hotel - This hotel has been standing since the 1800’s. There where a few horrifying events that took place here. 2 children where killed in the attic area where the blood stain can still be seen. An unexplained explosion killed many that haunt the place. A ghost of a woman that was beaten to death by her husband stands at the top of the second floor stairs, and is reported to not like men. - NO TRESPASSING

Banning - Alliance Furnace - This was one of the last remaining iron furnaces in the Eastern United States. Legend has it that an old settler, who had gambled away all of his money, came home one night and could not feed his dogs. He took them off on a wild chase in which he lead them to the iron furnace. He then burned them alive. On a clear fall night, one can hear the squealing of dogs by the furnace.

Barton Brook - Benson home - There are several hauntings at this location. They all circulate around an old home from the 1800's in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania. One ghost is of someone who has ethnic features, somewhat of a servant looking, perhaps a black servant, not sure. This is a torso / head apparition. The living residents of a house heard a party going on downstairs. Wishing to investigate, they head down stairs. This house had a sealed up staircase (It had its own room). When they got to the door, they could hear people talking and smell coffee. As they opened the door, the smell and sound disappeared. It reappeared when they returned to their beds.

Bartonsville - International eatery - In the early 90's the site of a female apparition was sighted walking into the kitchen. The desk was also said to contain a spirit which opened and closed drawers. The building is now Dale's coffee bar

Beaver - Brighton Township - Mudlick Hollow - It is said that in the 1800s tragedy struck when a young newlywed couple was riding their horse drawn buggy through the hollow on their way home after the wedding. A small animal is said to have darted out of the woods, spooking the horses and causing the buggy to roll off the road and into the creek. The bride died from a broken neck and the groom was pinned under a horse (who had become lame) and slowly died next to his new bride. It is said by many locals that on very dark nights a fog creeps up onto the road (which is more of a dirt lane) and you can hear a horse drawn buggy fast approaching behind you, but before it comes upon you there is a crash, a scream, then all is silent and the fog vanishes.

Beaver Falls - Summer Cut Bridge - Legend has it that a woman's car went off this bridge on a rainy night and she died. Late at night on a rainy night if you go down on the train tracks where her car landed and stand there in the darkness, you can see her walking down the train tracks in a white dress.

Bedford - Jean Bonnet Inn - Reports of cold spots, strange lights, anomalies showing up on film, and apparitions.

Bedford - John Bonnett Tavern - The first floor was originally a French outpost in the 1740's.By 1758,General Forbes had used it as an impromptu HQ during his expedition to take Ft. Duquesne. It was there that he supposedly had a French spy hanged. During the early 1760's it became a tavern with a second story added. This was then used as a frontier courtroom where several people were hanged. These restless spirits are responsible for a multitude of supernatural activities at the inn.

Beech Creek - Furst Corner Restaurant - Back in the late 1800s, early 1900s, the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Furst died in a fire in his barn, while trying to save his animals. Mr. Furst enjoyed smoking cigars and staff at the restaurant say that when most of the customers are gone you can smell cigar smoke, or chairs will move on their own. People who stay in the Furst Corner Bed & Breakfast also say you can smell smoke, and hear someone walking up and down the halls when no one is. One of the waitresses has even said once she had locked the door, and had gone over and it was unlocked.

Bensalem - Eastern State Mental Institution - Rumored to be haunted due to unfair treatment and killing of patients. If you go into patients rooms the doors will slam shut and trap you in. When you walk down the halls you can sometimes see a figure fallowing you of a man. Mysterious 4th floor said to be life threatening and extremely haunted. If you go into the morgue its very cold and feels like theres a fan on you with no windows in site.

Bensalem - Grouden Manor - this is Ben Franklin’s cousins house. Story goes that he tested his kite here a few times. Sightings have been seen of Ben flying his kite. Also in the woods is a trench from a war. If you go back in the trench late at night you can hear battle noises.

Bentleyville - Bentworth Elementary Center - When the school was being built two years ago a roofer fell off the roof and died. Some students have reported seeing a strange man walking along the roof. The night janitors have reported hearing someone walking on the second floor and the roof.

Berks - Reading - Health South Rehabilitation Hospital - Used to be the Reading Rehabilitation Hospital. People reported many happenings, noises, lights turning of etc.

Bernville - Penn Valley Hotel - Unexplainable sounds have been heard inside the Penn valley. Built around 1854 the log-framed building has served as a country inn and roadhouse, and was used as a stage coach stop in the last century. Very unsettling sounds can be heard inside. Footsteps from the floor above, but there is no floor above. Pots and pans rattling, muffled sounds of children playing and rooms lights turning off and on in front of your eyes. The whir of the cash register and the drawer opening and the ring of a bell. Dirty dishes placed in the sink when just minutes before all the dishes were cleaned and put away.

Bethlehem - Holy Infancy School- Girl was putting up disco ball in auditorium and somehow the rope got wrapped around her neck and she choked to death. And now her ghost is seen by some kids at school. So this is why people think our school is haunted. Also, a kid drowned when our school had a swimming pool.

Bethlehem - Lehigh University - the library is haunted by an elderly man.

Bethlehem - Moravian College - The college is very old, dating back to the 1700's. The school has a lot of history behind it. It was a seminary for girls in the 1800's, and supposedly served as a hospital. There is suppose to be a nurse, that is a spirit of a nurse wandering the halls, also one of the janitors was in the basement one night and saw a man, a wounded man walking aimlessly. He was wearing a bandage on his head and arm. Also strange lights have been seen there.

Bethlehem - Moravian College - Comenius Hall - At night you can see a light going back and forth across the top floor of this hall. It is said to be the ghost of the gentleman the hall is named after.

Bethlehem - Moravian College - Music Building - Once known as the single sisters house - The spirit of a revolutionary war nurse haunts these grounds. Students have felt cold spots, seen her figure, and felt as if being watched. Doors also open and close of their own accord, and footsteps have been heard when no mortal has made them.

Bethlehem - Moravian College - Rau Dormitory- In the '60's 3 people hung themselves on the basement floor also known as the pit. It is haunted by these three ghosts. This floor is closed off at all times except Halloween when they open it for the big haunted house.

Bethlehem - Moravian College - Wilhelm Dormitory- At night weird noises that are a mixture of banging and scratching coming from the walls. The walls are cement so It could not have been coming from the next room.

Bethlehem - The Sun Inn - now a restored museum and restaurant. Built prior to the Revolution and visited by many luminaries of that era. The Moravianshad built tunnels to use in case of hostile Indian attacks. The existence of these tunnels has been substantiated by several witnesses. One of the entrances is in the cellar of the inn. According to legend, Brother Albrecht hid some treasure and wine in a secret room. His ghost guards the treasure. Cold spots and feeling a presence have been reported.

Birdsboro - Covatta's Restaurant - This restaurant used to be a private residence that was built in the 1700's. There are 3 floors in the building, but tourists are only allowed on the first two. Employees of the restaurant have reported everything being moved around when they come to work in the morning. On the second floor, if you stand by the steps to the third floor, you can hear whistling. There are even documented photos of the ghosts.

Blairsville - Livermore cemetery - Livermore long ago sank beneath the water in a flood and now is a very haunted place in pa. The people that live in Livermore all died do to the flood now you can hear dogs barking to keep away unwanted visitors at sunset and out by were the city sank you can see an outline of a man and his cow walking down the path to the city and by the city gates people have claimed to see a horse and carriage going back and forth across the entrance to the city and in the city you can see an old lady in a pink old fashion dress looking for some one to talk to. December 2003 update / Warning: be careful of the people living in this area. They don't like visitors and may shoot at you!

Bloomsburg - Bloomsburg University Haas Center for the Arts - Ghost of an old ballet dancer who performed in Bloomsburg. His name is "Ned"

Bloomsburg - The Irondale Inn - A bed and breakfast on the site of an old plantation is said to have three ghosts haunting, one case in which and old woman has gone around the halls closing doors behind the guests, A large heating vent leading into the basement is believed to be the "home" to these specters. The current occupants discovered soon after moving there some of these events. One weekend after coming home from a trip the lid to the hot tub was removed and the kitchen door was mysteriously open with nothing missing from inside.

Boiling Springs - Boling Springs Lake - Ghost can be seen at night walking around the lake. One is very common. She is called the night walker. she will walk around the lake and sit on a bench. It looks like she is waiting for someone to come and see her.

Braddock - J. Edgar Thompson Steel Works - This site (across the river from Kennywood Park) is haunted by the ghosts of British soldiers who were killed by the French & Indians during General Braddock's Campaign of 1755.George Washington observed many of the unfortunate wretches when he organized the retreat of the survivors.

Bradford County - Barclay Mountain - Barclay Cemetery - The Cemetery is haunted by the ghosts of miners. Mining axes can be heard striking the ground in spots throughout the graveyard, tiny little piles of coal are found throughout the grounds, voices can be heard yelling at each other, and Footsteps and Running tend to run throughout the grounds. It is also said that there is at least one family maybe more that are buried up there that died from the Black Plague.

Brandy Camp - Gravity Hill - There is a hill where you put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, and if you shut your car off u can hear horse galloping and your car starts to move up hill and you can hear horse hooves against the pavement.

Bristol - Behind the Grundy Memorial Library in the Delaware River - The ghost is reported to be the ex-king of Spain looking for his long lost girl that is missing. People have seen this ghost on a rowboat with a lantern in his hand calling out to his long lost girl. In 1960 before the Grundy Memorial Library was built. There was a house, which lived a women who said that she has been seeing a strange figure on a rowboat row by here house calling out to some strange name.

Bristol - King's Inn - Chairs and silverware move themselves, as well as lamps and doors slamming. Pictures fly off the wall and the apparition of a man has been spotted there.

Bristol - St. James Episcopal Cemetery - There are many ghosts that haunt this place including a ghost of a witch. There is a chair that sits right next to the tombstone of Merritt P. Wright called the Witch's Chair. Legend has it that if you sit in the chair at midnight in the month of October, you will feel the hands of a witch encircling you.

Broad Top - Broad Top Cemetery - Statue at Mockingbird Hill, said to "yodel" and glow at night. Sights of a small dog called "Binks" roams the woods.

Bryn Mawr - Bryn Mawr College - A student, Lillian, haunts Merion Hall. She went here in the beginning of this century. She believed she had leprosy, although the doctors could find nothing wrong with her. To cure herself, she took a bath in kerosene, and knocked a lantern in to the bathtub. She is said to have run screaming in flames down the hall.

Buckingham - Gravity Hill- If you stop your car and put it in neutral on a certain spot on the road, rumor has it that the soldiers of a war were carrying something up the hill, and when you are in neutral your car moves backward up the hill.

Bucks County - Black Bass Hotel- In Lumberville, on the river, many haunts in this old hotel including a woman in white who walks the halls and has been seen in a guestroom with a pearl-handled revolver in her lap. Also, Old Hans, an original innkeeper who was stabbed to death in tavern brawl by immigrant canal workers. The pool of blood on the tavern floor has been known to appear on several occasions.

Bucks County - Warminster - Warminster Volunteer Ambulance Corps - Sounds of doors opening when there is no one around to open the doors. Moans coming from the ambulance bays. Faces of people in the back of the ambulances. Lights hooked up to light sensors going on when there is no one in the room to turn them on.

Bushkill - Pocono Indian Museum - A ghost named Eli has been known to close doors. move objects, and communicate by using objects in this museum.

Butler County - The Black Cross - Rumor has it that in the late 1800's a horrible flu epidemic went through the area of Butler/Kittanning. At the time, there were a bunch of immigrant workers here who all contracted this flu and died. Instead of being buried in individual graves, these immigrants were thrown into a mass grave pit that had been dug out in the woods. An enormous black cross was erected on top. At night, it is told that you can hear unearthly howling at this spot; also a strong wind and mist are reported.

Butler County - McConnell's Mill State Park - The old Mill turned state park is home to many spirits who still roam the hills and Slippery Rock Creek. When the mill was operational a man who worked there always walked the same path to work. He carried his lunch in a box and a lantern. Rumor is the man died because of a malfunction in the equipment. Some nights if you park your car right above the mill the man can be seen walking down the hill to mill. He goes into the mill a light seems to be on and screams are heard coming from the mill. There is also the spirit of a caretaker that lived on the property from the early 1930's until his death around 1960. Times he can be seen chasing people away from the land he loved and took care of. Legend has it that a girl died in auto accident on the covered bridge that crosses Slippery Rock Creek beside the mill. Stories say she can be summoned by parking your car in the middle of the bridge turning off the engine and lights and honking your horn 3 times. She is supposed to appear in your rear view mirror. Natural human reaction is to turn around and look but she's never there and disappears from the mirror. Many people have lost their lives in the treacherous Slippery Rock Creek, which is more of a river in the surrounding area. Numerous adventurous young people have drown in waters. Several people have perished climbing the park's huge rock formations. There is no doubt it one of the most haunted areas in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Butler County - Moraine State Park - Burton Road -"Snyder Cemetery" Red eyes will chase you out. Also, something else could chase you out. It is Conrad Snyder who is haunting his family's resting place.

Butler County - Moraine State Park - Snyder Cemetery - A green glowing light come from a small gravestone, white flashes of light, weird fog reported.

Cambridge Springs - The Riverside Inn - Guests have reported ghosts crawling into bed with them, music heard coming from the ballroom along with, ghostly apparitions dancing. Doors opening and closing can be heard at various times of the day even when no one is there.

Camp Hill - The Computer Learning Network - is a technical school. The president was killed several years back and at nights the lights flicker along with doors becoming unlocked. Ironically no one has ever stole anything.

Camp Hill - Sounds The Iron Kettle - Sounds has been said to be haunted for years by a bride and also possibly by another figure, a man. When you walk into the establishment, some people are said to have felt a presence in the room and many times feel"heaviness" in their head which sometimes turns into a different sort of headache. Sometimes the presence felt is a sort of sadness, "heavy-hearted." There were two pictures taken by my family that have shown orbs in them.

Canonsburg - Subway - The Canonsburg Subway was said to have been built on an old nursing home. The employees there have experienced a ghost whispering their names in their ears, swinging of the doors even though they are the only person in the store, and even report seeing a shadowy figure in the security camera again when no one is present in the store. They have dubbed the ghost "Fred".

Canton - 7 Steps - an old railroad tunnel with 7 large steps leading up to the top. It is said that a boy was riding through on his bike and was hit by the train and now still haunts the tunnel. Some nights he will appear, but there are always sounds of train whistles, footsteps, and little kid laughing.

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Ashburn Hall Guest House - Very haunted place. Haunted by Charlie, a confederate soldier who is a young boy, an Native American lady and the basement which was a morgue at one time.

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Bandstand - On Summer nights you can still her the Carlisle Indian School's band play.

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Coren apartments - Lucy Pretty Eagle's home at one time and a ghost who wants revenge against Jeb Stuart.

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Flower Road houses - A lady in a green dress walks in and out of the houses on this road. Also, may be the same lady in the LVCC.

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Hessian Museum - Known to house Hessian prisoners. Any info on the things that happen there please email Haunted Places

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Letort View Community Center - At least three ghosts hunt this place. Most likely many more. From Jim Thorpe, A lady in a ball gown, a farmer and Native Americans from the Carlisle Indian School. The basement is so haunted they call it purgatory.

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Old gym - Many hauntings from and little Native American boy to Jim Thorpe and a basketball team.

Carlisle - Carlisle Barracks - Washington Hall guest house - You may be awaken in the middle of the night hearing the cries of babies.

Carlisle - old Carbon County Prison - Jim Thorpe - The old Carbon County Prison was last used in 1995. There have been numerous reports of unexplained phenomena at the prison in recent years. The most famous ghost story associated with the prison is the hand print left in a cell by a man wrongfully accused of being a member of the Molly Maguires. The Molly Maguires were a group of disgruntled miners in the 1870's who used violence as a means to bring about change in the corrupt mining industry. Several men were accused, arrested, and eventually hanged at the prison for being Molly Maguires. On the eve of his execution, a man who proclaimed his innocence ran his hand along the dirty floor of his cell and made an impression of his hand on the wall, claiming the impression would always remain as proof of his innocence. The next day, he was hung and the hand print was washed away. Three days later, the print reappeared. As legend has it, the wall has been repeatedly washed and painted, but the hand print always returns. The wall was supposedly even ripped down and re-plastered, but the hand print returned yet again. The prison is now opened to tourist, but the cell with the hand print is off limits. Visitors can still view the print through the cell door, though.

Carlisle - old Carlisle Indian school - A young Indian girl named Lucy Pretty Eagle. After her death at the school, reports of things moving and possibly sightings of her. When the told her father, he said that she had died the year before and came back. So it is possible that she wasn't dead when she was buried in the school cemetery. There could be other hauntings there; she is just the best known. You can still visit the cemetery and se her grave as well as many, many, others.

Carnegie - Old Lonsinger House - Reports of hearing an organ playing and seeing an apparition of a "Blue Lady." Many claim that she would knock on their door in the middle of the night saying that something was very wrong in the house though nothing was ever found out of the ordinary.

Cecil - Peters Township - Montour Trail "HELL" - Reports of unexplained lights that don’t shine. A short figure that has green eyes and a white hand on its left side. A little girl in a white dress that follows people. Strange noises, feeling of being followed. Outside one tunnel always rocks falling from the road, even thought the road is paved. There was supposedly a train wreck in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s where the trail is now located.

Centerhall - Egg Hill - Egg Hill is an old church where a reverend murdered the congregation after a sermon one night!! All of them are buried outside the church!! On a full moon sightings of people killed have been seen there are still blood stains on the floor of the and a picture of an anarchy drawn on the floor!!

Chester - Widener University - Delta Phi Epsilon sorority - Residents of the house have said that they see and feel a presence of a woman in the top floor (3rd). They say she's friendly. She's turns on and off things and moves stuff around. There are other sightings at Widener University also, it was originally Pennsylvania Military College (PMC) many have said that they've seen a young soldier walking around in the traditional gray uniforms (not the type worn by the large contingency of ROTC cadets at the school now) but then quickly disappears.

Clearfield - Clearfield Middle school - In auditorium there are reports by night crews that the old music teacher smokes vanilla pipe tobacco and plays the piano. On the bus ramp a young girl was run over by a bus and killed, they say on the anniversary of her death you can see her roaming the ramp looking for her bus to go home.

Clifford - Clifford Hotel - It is said there are over 30 spirits haunting this place. There are voices heard in the main lobby of men, women, and children that were brutally murdered by a man who went insane in the hotel. Upstairs there is a very hostile man who doesn’t like anyone to go on that floor and will do anything to keep everyone off that floor. There have been sightings on certain nights that the hotel will be fully light up and there will be music coming from it. It is watched by the police heavily and there is NO TRESPASSING!!!!!!

Colwyn - Anne's Rock - Haunted by a Indian Princess who was killed during an electrical storm. Her body was never found, but there are burnt outlines of a person on the side of the rock. When you go into the park passed the rock, you smell herbs and feel a chocking sensation on your neck; as well as icy cold hands, scratches and rashes, and even bruises. Town people state that the story goes that Princess Anne's father refused to let her marry an English man and her ghost is very angry at who ever trespasses into the woods.

Conneaut - Conneaut Lake Hotel - During a fire in the early 1900's, a young bride named Elizabeth was killed while trying to escape from room 321 on the third floor. Her ghost has been seen walking down a narrow hallway on that same floor. Ironically enough, the fire escape is located at the end of the hall. Elizabeth seems to be a likable spirit though. She has been known to help employees by moving things around in various rooms. People have also reported seeing ghostly figures dancing in the ballroom, which is located on the first floor. Their origin is unknown.

Conneaut Lake - Hotel Conneaut - A hotel in an amusement park. It caught on fire and a young bride named Elizabeth was killed. they say that she is still seen in the hotel.

Corry - Tamarax swamp - At night you can hear the voices of children & children's hand prints on your vehicle if you just drive out there.

Coulterville - 13 bends - Reports an apparition of a fire that happened at an orphanage in the 1800’s. seeing a burning building, hearing children screaming, bells clanging, and horses.

Cranberry - Knob Hill Barn - The present barn is a replacement, the original one having burnt down during a punk rock show in the early 1990s. Police have responded to many calls from nearby residents claiming to hear a loud party going on at the site, some even seeing cars parked all around the barn. Every time the police arrive, though, the barn is empty and silent.

Cranberry - Pinehurst Subdivision - The original owners claimed that there were at least twelve Indian burial mounds on this site that were later plowed under for farming. Workers clearing the land unearthed bones dating back to 200 BC. Pinehurst residents have reported countless unexplained phenomena.

Cranberry - Venago Trail Golf Club - The golf course is built atop the former Venango Trail, a Native American 'highway’. Indians in period dress supposedly emerge from the forest to cross the fairway before disappearing into thin air.

Cumberland County - Shippensburg - Dykeman's Pond - There is a rumor that if you go to the house by the ponds and say "I Got Your Baby,. Mary three times a Woman will come flying out of the house chasing you and will be crying, "Please...Please...give me my Baby" and if you refuse she will try to Kill you... oh yeah if anyone goes there not to be funny but stay away from the ducks, THEY WILL BITE YOU!

Curwensville - Curwensville High School Auditorium - During late night theatre practices, many have seen the reflection of an old man in pictures and windows when nobody else was there. His shadow is often seen in the lighting box. He is said to be the ghost of one of the men that were working on it when it was being built, he fell off the scaffolding onto the hard cement floor and it killed him instantly, not only does he show up in mirrors but he messes with the lights, and moves the curtains around on the stage. He sometimes says things to people in there as well but it always comes from above the person’s head like he was floating above them. One can never make out what he is saying, its mostly gibberish. Underneath the stage are the caves for like changing during a performances, which is where he looms most of the time, his presence can be felt very easily.

Darktown - "THE ALAMO" - Reports of trolls, Hellhounds, human forms, accompanied with unexplained noises and sights.

Davidsville - Conamugh Twp High School -The lighting box in the auditorium is haunted by the spirit of an Indian Chief who is said to be buried under the school in the catacombs. The ghost has been sighted on special nights such as home football games (turns the lights on in the box and the auditorium), opening night of the musical (will undo all light settings and pull out plugs), and on the night of graduation (people have reported seeing an Indian figure on the balcony in front of the box).

Delaware - Media - Williamson trade school - George dorm - is an old recovery dorm for soldiers who went to the school to recover, late at night you can hear footsteps and a feeling of being watched.

Delaware - Media - Williamson trade school - Longstreth Dorm - there is a hand print on the window, when wiped off it reappears.

Delaware - Media - Williamson trade school - the main - is building where the founder Isaiah is buried under the steps, late at night an eerie feeling can be felt and your body casts 4 shadows in each direction

Delmont - McCorys farm - this site will defiantly make the hair stand up on your neck. This house is a two story wooden farm house, but the weird thing is their is two of them. Completely identical, this house is supposedly to be haunted by John Mc Cory. Back in 1984 he was sent to an insane asylum, because he killed his two children and hung his wife in the back yard. After he was released, he built a replica of the house and hung himself on the back porch. Feelings of being watched and not being alone are reported.

Dormonth - Library is said to be haunted by a librarian who worked there years ago. The story is also in a book called Pittsburgh Ghosts. Also, just to let you know, I am a native Pittsburgher and the story that you have posted about the Green Man is not accurate. Story has it that he was an electrician who was working on a power line during a bad storm and was struck by lighting. It is said that he did not die due to his injuries but that the heat from the lightning bolt melted his facial features and he appeared to have a green glow about himself. He is a well-known urban legend in the Pittsburgh area.

Douglassville - Cavettos Brinton Lodge - Sightings of apparitions as well as ghostly sounds. - January 2004 addition: a former worker in the kitchen, claims that one night he ran down to the cellar to get ice out of the freezer, and as he was bent over he felt someone put their hand on his shoulder, he turned around to see who it was and there wasn't anyone there. He never ran so fast upstairs in his life. Also he saw with his own eyes a pregnant woman who worked there, was on the second floor collecting dirty dishes on a tray and proceeded to use the main steps to come downstairs. As she did so she tripped and the tray went flying to the bottom of the stairs and the dishes broke into a million pieces but many witnesses say the she did not fall. Something caught her in mid air and set her back down on the steps. there is also the story of the hat that keeps reappearing on the fireplace mantel, even though every night it gets locked in a closet when employees come in the next day its back out on the mantel.

Douglassville - Yellow House Hotel - It's said that a woman killed herself in the middle room of the Yellow House Hotel inn and restaurant. People have spotted her in the middle window, people that stay in the room claim to have seen the woman.

Doylestown - Bucks County Community College - a ghost of a woman has been reported to haunt Tyler Hall on the campus. The ghost is believed to be the ghost of the former administrator Stella Tyler.

Doylestown - Dark Hallow Road - The remains of a physically abusive school teacher were found in the school house a hundred years after his death. The entire road is haunted. Mysterious lights have been reported flickering and moving around.

Doylestown - Delaware Valley College - The dorms are haunted by a ghost that hung himself, (dorm is the original, from the 1890's) and can be heard walking down hallway, from personal experience ghost has took and object in room and placed it in the middle of the room standing up in the morning.

Doylestown - Fonthill Mansion - the ghost of a housekeeper still making her rounds has been seen.

Doylestown - Neshaminy Manor Center - Almshouse Rd. and Rt. 611. The complex was used as the Bucks County Almshouse from 1810 to 1966. Several of the old buildings are still standing. People are said to have seen apparitions in and around the old buildings on the complex.

Drexel Hill - Archbishop Prendergast High School - Originally the old Drexel Estate and then later before the school an orphanage- there are 2 tales here. The 1st is the story of an orphan that was murdered by another. On the second floor of the school there are still 2 halls left with the original bedrooms- still not converted to classrooms. The halls are on the same floor as the chapel. Students have claimed to see furniture move in those rooms. There is 1 old rocking horse in particular that will ALWAYS MOVE ON ITS OWN when the room is occupied for too long. Because of the hostile vibe felt in that room, people believe that is the spirit of the murdering orphan, who also died there due to a "freak" accident. There are also reports of students seeing two children late at night, running, fighting, and screaming through those halls. The 2nd story is the tale of a nun who taught at the orphanage. She hung herself in the bell tower and haunts it to this day. Many times the bell will ring unexpectedly and late at night a light will go on and off. Unlike the modern light that is suppose to be up there (which seems to always mysteriously short out), it looks like a candle. Students who have tried to get up there have been spooked severely. The school has had the bell tower sealed off for years. Some students have reported coming back from school dances and looking up to see the nun looking at them from the bell tower.

Drexel Hill - Garretford Elementary School - Now, next to the school there is a WAWA. Many, many years ago, long before the school was ever built, the grounds were a holding house for prisoners. Many of the prisoners were mistreated and murdered by the guards. Their bodies were buried on the plot, unmarked, and later the school was built over their graves. Many times late at night you can see them walking the grounds. They are very restless and some quite hostile. One summer, after the night of a full moon, the following morning all the birds and squirrels in the surrounding trees were found mysteriously dead all over the school grounds. Drexel Hill in general is a HUGE paranormal area with rich history.

DuBois - DuBois Central Catholic (Old Building, now part of DRMC West) - One of the old Headmasters likes to shut out lights and mess with the doors. And a little kid runs up and down the hallways. Theirs also another ghost that no one knows who it is, but it looks out the cafeteria windows.

DuBois - DuBois Regional Medical Center - Transcription Department - What used to be the old convent is the transcription department for DRMC in the back of the Home Health department. When employee's work at night up there by themselves the prayer bell will ring, and when someone else comes in it will stop. There are also times when radios in other offices will turn on by themselves. Sometimes if you put your feet on the back of the desk you feel something pushing on your foot. No matter what time of day it is you can feel them there, but they don’t act until someone is there by themselves during the night.

DuBois - Luthersburg Field - A female student at the Dubois Area High school was raped and murdered in the woods beside the field. IF you drive into the field and turn off your car but not your headlights you can see the girl run across the field.

Dunmore - Elmherst Blvd. - it is a real long, desolate, and windy road that go for about 3 miles to a small circle. You are supposed to stop there turn your lights off and drive around the circle 3 times and face the way you came in. You then wait there until a large truck, which comes out of no where, starts chasing you. WARNING: DO NOT GET VERY SCARED THE TRUCK NEVER GETS YOU SO DONT GO FAST. PEOPLE HAVE CRASHED AND DIED BECAUSE OF THAT. ALSO DO NOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT AND WHO IT IS. JUST LEAVE! Once u start to leave the lights seem to disappear and you never see any thing behind you.

Dushore - Sayman Road - Witnesses that travel this road and have seen hanging bodies on the side of the road when you flash your light on them they disappear also there were said to be sacrifices in these woods and you can hear unexplained noises throughout the woods

East Brady - Brady's Bend Cemetery - Past sightings of fog / smoke near large pine trees. Strange noises heard in night. Blue haze said too follow visitors in the night.

East Stroudsburg - The Dansbury Depot - An individual has been seen and heard walking around this converted 1864 railroad station.

Easton - Easton Library - haunted by several ghosts. The library was built on a cemetery.

Easton - Papa Johns - The toilet flushes and no one is in the bathroom. The back door always opens. The oven is on in the morning but the managers made sure they were off the night before. A worker had his girlfriend hired and when she started working there she cheated on him with a couple workers the boyfriend found out and lost it and then he killed himself in the bathroom

Easton - State Theatre - The ghost of and old man "Fred" has been seen walking in the balcony and across the stage.

Eckley - stone couch on side of road - story be told....sit on the couch once and you get a scratch....sit on it again and you bleed...sit on it the third and final time you die. bad luck comes to those that sit on this stone couch.

Edinboro - Evergreen - Written about in Edinboro University newspaper in early 1990's. The tavern is over 100 years old, and has always been a way station for travelers. It is said to be haunted by a former employee from the 18th or 19th century. He likes to move the bed and other objects in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Other hauntings are said to be present, but of unknown origin. Tavern is now closed, but you can feel a presence as you drive by.

Edinboro - Lawrence Towers - On the 5th floor of Lawrence Towers A, it is rumored that a college student (music major) who lived in room 517 hung herself. It is said she was depressed. Rumor has it that the floor was closed down for a few years being "renovated." You can hear a soft voice singing some nights. You may also feel a strong presence when walking through the halls at night - almost as if you want to run back into your room.

Elimsport - The Bunkers - Near Allentown prison there is a set of bunkers for the storage of artillery during the wars over the 1900's. It's said that late at night strange events have happened in these bunkers. I've been there and seen some quite unusual things myself.

Elizabeth - 13 Bends - It is said that there was an orphanage in the 1900's, and one day it burned down and all the children died. They can be heard crying for help and their hands seen reaching for visitors. Ghostly cars are known to chase you around the 13 bends.

Elizabeth - Central VFC - in 1955 a firefighter was killed in the line of duty and now haunts the fire co if you are at the end of the fire hall and a call comes in you can see machinery running to the fire truck with a fire coat draped over his shoulder, lights will be on and no one will be there if you stop to turn them off no sooner do you leave the building the lights are on.

Elizabeth - St. Michael's Church - In the early 1980's the diocese of Pittsburgh ordered the church padlocked at 3:00 AM without any warning to the parishioners. The only explanation the diocese would give is that the floor of the 125 year old church was too weak and in danger of collapse. Since that time strange changes to the church have taken place. While the rest of the colored panes of glass in the windows have retained their color the faces of the saints have turned black. Inside the church the walls have peeled and cracked, the pews are filthy with bird droppings and dead birds, yet the area around the altar and the altar itself, which is draped a 100 year old altar cloth from Ireland, is in pristine condition. As if it were ready for Sunday mass. There is a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel above the main entrance to the church posed with lance and shield. Over the years the statue's shield looks as if it is battle worn and covered with dried blood.

Elizabethtown - Chiques road - A man burnt his baby, wife and himself in an upstairs room. the house still stands. the living room window grows a crack, but if you walk away and come back the window is not cracked anymore. you can hear screaming, and crying. the front door is supposed to be bolted shut, but it will swing open. and the blinds in the window where they were burned open and close.

Elizabethtown - Purple light bridge - There is a bridge near turnpike road and it is said to have been haunted by a young boy who was killed by a train one night. Real late at night you can hear a train coming and see a purple light. It is said to be his spirit.

Elton - Becky's Grave - Supposedly a young lass, Becky by name, was labeled as a witch because she befriended an Indian in the early 1800's, as he taught her the ways of herbs and incantations in place of medicine not readily available at this time and place. It has been noted that your car may have trouble starting should you park in the lane leading to the old family cemetery. Also, it has been noted that on full moon nights, a shadowy figure has been seen rising from the gravesite of a WWII soldier while a west wind blows.

Elverson - Marks Mansion - Several orbs of light and doors closing with no one around. Noises often heard from the basement. Believed that 3 farmers died in a silo collapse in the early 1930's. No Trespassing

Emmsworth - Dicksmont Mental Institution - Used for mentally challenged patients in the 1800's and was taken over in a rebellion by the patients. Since, apparitions can be seen wandering the grounds, lights flicker, unexplained noises, doors slamming, cold spots add to the already eerie feeling.- December 2003 Update: There is a house where a security guard lives near the site. He will give you permission to walk around up there but only in daylight hours. During the night you it will be considered trespassing.

Ephrata - Mountain Springs Hotel- built somewhere around 1850 as a hydropathic retreat because of the medicinal qualities of the pure springs from the mountain. It later became the Ephrata Hospital, The hospital closed there when the new hospital was built in 1949. It was a famous resort where people came from all over the country. When the hospital closed, the grounds and buildings were purchased by a group of spiritualists who renamed it "Camp Silver Belle," after an Indian spirit guide. This hotel was open only in the summers during this period before it closed for good. If you are not to scared to go inside, you will feel cold breezes, see shadows and hear sounds.

Erie - Old Main Tower at Mercyhurst College - This structure used to be a convent in the earlier part of the twentieth century. A woman that had been told that her lover was killed in WW2 joined the convent back in its day. A few years later, the lost lover returned, but the nun had already given her heart to God. She went crazy and was locked in the tower where she committed suicide. The ring that her lover gave her was placed at the base of a Virgin Mary statue. For the last fifty years, anyone who had touched the ring died within five years. The ring was eventually locked away, but appears every so often. People have also claimed to see the nun's spirit roam the halls.

Erie - McDowell High School - Lights turn on and off on the east side of the building. Doors slam by themselves. Presence felt throughout the building.

Erie - Penn State Behrens - In the 1970's a student by the name of Henry, the last name has been lost over the years, lived on the 3rd floor in the West wing of Niagara Hall. Henry horribly died after freezing to death on a cold winter night. It is said that he tried to get the heater to work and the door was jammed, no one heard his screams as he frantically tried to escape the room. The next morning his roommate found his body clung to the heater, hoping it would turn on. Some who stay in this haunted room have said that some nights you can hear Henry shaking the heater and the door in attempts to escape his frigid death.

Erie - St. Peter Cathedral Center - The one part of the building is over 100 years old. Faint voices can be heard on the 4th floor. Banging throughout the building. Sometimes shadows can be seen. Lights turn off and on by themselves after leaving a room. Doors open and close by themselves at times.

Erie - Watson-Curtze Mansion - The body of Gen. Anthony Wayne was boiled here in order to remove the skin from the bone so part of him could be buried in Philadelphia. The cauldron in which he was boiled is stored in the kitchen of the house and is known to bang and rattle at night. Also the apparition of a young girl is also seen on the second floor. The mansion is now a museum.

Exchange - Katie's Church - Katie's Church was named after Katie Vandine, the story goes that her Finance', a soldier was en route home to marry her when she received word that he was killed, distraught over this she hung herself in the tree, in her wedding dress at the church. Her headstone runs opposite of all the others. Reports of seeing her walking the road between her house and the church as well as seeing her at the church.

Exton - The Ship Inn -This inn is believed to be haunted by a ghost from the eighteenth century. The structure was built in the 1700's. The origin of the ghost is unknown.

Farmington - Braddock's Run Bridge - This bridge was one of many that was built during the Braddock Expedition to take Ft. Duquesne in 1755.It is said that the ghost of one of General Braddock's Grenadiers will accompany anyone traveling over the bridge until they are safely across.

Farmington - Fort Necessity National Battlefield - Phantom musket fire and the scalp-haloo of Indians at night where George Washington's first defeat took place in 1754.

Fawngove - Citizens Vol. Fire Co. - Reports of a walking trail that has scary noises, strange feelings of being watched and creatures seen.

Fayetteville - pond bank - back in the early 1900's a young woman decided for a unknown reason to take her life and her baby’s life in the pond. THE white lady comes back looking for her baby at night. there are stories of her riding on the back of cars and trucks late at night. In 2002 a unknown guy was coming home late at night. He went by pond bank and the white lady stepped in front of the car causing him to have an accident. When the cops arrived the guy told them about the white lady. Most cops didn’t believe him, But one did, the same happened to him 9 years before.

Flourtown - Black Horse Inn - Sitting along Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown is an old building called the Black Horse Inn. The building was built 30 years before the formation of our country. General George Washington used it as a rest stop for his men on their way to Valley Forge. When you go inside the building the temperature is like walking into a freezer, even when it was 90 degrees outside. Witnesses have heard footsteps behind them and up on the second floor. In the main bar room there were voices from nowhere and they report it felt as though people surrounded them. On the second floor and the attic it is deserted of any furniture except one room where there is this old bed spring, a 1920's era toilet and a shower head. a picture was taken in there and it came out with a 12 year old girl in 1930's era clothing sitting on the bed looking at the floor. And a picture of the door and picked up a man standing in the doorway. Other pictures show countless orbs.

Flourtown - The Tracks - A train used to run through Flourtown until the 60's or 70's. After the train stopped running the tracks remained until 1987 when they were removed and all that remains is a long dirt path that runs behind Penn Oak Rd. Residents in the area sometimes hear the sound of a train as if it were still running and have seen a man walking along the tracks and then disappear. They have also seen a small boy around the Basketball net on Penn Oak, As well as underneath the 309 bridge. The boy is about five yrs. old with thick black hair and 50's era clothes.

Ford City - Rueben's Grave - Reports of a ghost that often appears as a white stallion with flaming, red eyes.

Franconia - Bell House (Rising Sun Inn) - The building was built in the 1700's and is on historic Allentown Rd, which was the only major rd from Bethlehem steel to Philadelphia. The liberty bell was housed in the inn. There was a caretaker killed at the inn. All I know is that her name was Mary and today she regularly haunts the restaurant, the town's people call her "Scary Mary"

Freedom - Vicary Mansion - The Vicary Mansion is said to be haunted by the Captain Vicary. Tours are open on special days to celebrate the landmark. And people have seen chandeliers swinging back and forth and turning off and on. And you can hear voices. They even found a shoe that looks like it's from the 1800's. It was found near a secret room...there also you can feel a presence.

Freemansburg - Willowgroove Hotel -This old hotel dates back to the Civil War. The origin is unknown, but the spirit of a little girl haunts the place. She appears to have suffered from burns. The little girl's ghost has been seen in several of the rooms and roaming the halls. She has even been reported to pull on the pant legs of males.

Galeton - Potter County Railroad - Mysterious lights have been sited behind the Ox Yoke, strange inhuman, non-animal sounds can be heard.

Gettysburg - An open field near Devil's Den - Witnesses reported being in the middle of a battle, reliving it.

Gettysburg - Cashtown Inn - a civil war soldier has been seen here.

Gettysburg - Cemetery Hill - On chilly summer nights, you can see at times a blue column of light. And sometimes you can feel that someone is watching you, and you can here people crying for help.

Gettysburg - Civil War Wax Museum - There is several exhibits that had orbs in photos.

Gettysburg - Eisenhower - Foot prints on the top of the girls bathroom, noises in the bottom floor girls bathroom and moving things

Gettysburg - Eisenhower Elementary School - In the 1st floor girls bathroom about 15 girls seen a mans boots feet prints on the high ceiling. If you turn off the lights on the bottom floor bathroom you will see little green lights. In the hallway going down the stairs there is this big picture of president Eisenhower, and when you go down the eyes follow you.

Gettysburg - Farnsworth House Inn - Considered by many to be one of the MOST haunted houses in America! The first house in Gettysburg to be investigated by renowned psychic Carol Kirkpatrick, as well as Ghost Hunters International, a crew from Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Southern California. The crews from "Sightings" (Sci-fi Channel), "Unsolved Mysteries", and The History Channel have done filming here. Mary, a spirit from the Civil War era walks the corridors of the Inn at night. There is also a civilian man carrying a child wrapped in a quilt. You can hear him sobbing in an upstairs room. A midwife is seen watching over a young woman in labor. Three Confederate sharpshooters remain at their posts in the garret of the house. A soldier carries a wounded comrade into the cellar of the house. His voice is heard singing to comfort his dying friend, who dies in the catacombs of the cellar. Cold spots have been detected. "Balls of white energy" were photographed as white "auras" of energy throughout the house. Guests report many strange happenings on their stays here!

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Brua Hall - The theater on campus, Brua Hall, is said to be haunted by a civil war era man. He frequently visits the theater at night and has been seen backstage and on the catwalk of the theater. He likes to play practical jokes and move props and costumes around. The man has a favorite seat in the house and sometimes he has been seen watching the students practice for an upcoming show. This seat is left empty for every performance - in case he wants to come and watch!

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Glatfelter Hall - The bell tower on Glatfelter Hall is haunted by the spirit of a girl that committed suicide by jumping from the tower. Male faculty members and students have seen her at the top of the tower late at night. The story is that her lover was supposed to jump with her, but after she jumped he changed his mind. So, late at night she tries to lure the men walking by up to the top, hoping they will jump to their death and join her.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Pennsylvania Hall - The Administrative offices on the campus are housed in a large, white building (Penn Hall) that was a hospital during the civil war. Several faculty members and students have seen a very graphic and horrible civil war hospital scene when the elevator in the building mysteriously goes out of control and takes the passengers to the basement. When the doors open, they are faced with the ghostly scene instead of the usual storage facility that is in the basement. The cupola on top of the building is also said to be haunted. Several students and faculty walking across campus late at night have seen a civil war soldier standing guard on top of the cupola. In several instances the soldier will spot the person and take aim with his rifle.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Stevens Hall - Haunted by the "The Blue Boy." About a hundred years ago, a young boy who was being abused at home sought refuge amongst the college women who lived here. One cold, snowy night, the headmistress came up to check on the girls so they hurriedly hid the boy outside on their window ledge. The headmistress took her time talking to the young women, but finally she went back to her room. The girls rushed to the window ledge only to find the boy was not there anymore! They went down & outside to see if he had fell, but there was no boy. To this day, sightings of a young boy, blue in the face as if frozen, are common among Stevens Hall residents.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg National Military Park - many ghosts of civil war soldiers have been seen here including entire battles being observed by witnesses. A ghost of Gen. William Barksdale's dog has also been seen the dog died trying to get message to another general.

Gettysburg - Jennie Wade House - The only civilian killed in the battle of Gettysburg, Jennie Wade, is known to haunt this house. Visitors have felt her prescience and her father's presence still mourning the loss of his daughter and on occasion the chain in the basement will be moved by some unseen hand.

Gettysburg - Jenny Wade House - Cellar - A party of four sitting in the cellar all witnessed at the same time a white mist float through the air and disappear into the rafters.

Gettysburg - Ridgewood - Small wooded housing development behind Oak Hill, the site of the first days battle where the peace light now stands. Residents report seeing a tall man in a tuxedo gazing. Unidentified blue lights in secluded wooded areas near houses. Unseen entity heard sprinting on train tracks towards night-walkers - has been known to throw rocks.

Gettysburg - "Red House" - This large, civil war era house is always occupied by female students living off-campus, who attend Gettysburg College. There is a small grave in the backyard of the house and it belonged to a young woman who was living there during the civil war. She is said to move around the house at night, moving objects around, breaking plates, glasses, etc. The smell of her perfume, lilac, can be smelled at night when she is walking about the house.

Gettysburg - The Pub - The ladies room and area in and around the kitchen is visited by a woman who according to employees, was murdered and left on the spot while the building was being rebuilt several years ago. Employees say that she opens and closes doors and turns on and off lights.

Gettysburg - Triangular Field - Located above the Devil's Den, Confederate sharpshooters have been sighted on the rocks down at the bottom of the field, at the end of the woods, prepared to shoot. They have also been heard resounding their famous "rebel yells" and have been known to actually cause "impressions" in the grass, coming towards visitors in the field. Union cannon can be heard as well as screaming and moaning of wounded/dying soldiers all throughout the field. Union soldiers have been sighted at the left of the gate-entrance of the field and have been known to approach visitors. Incidentally, many visitors have experienced their photographic equipment does NOT function in the Triangular Field ~ no matter how new or state-of-the-art their equipment may be! Distant drums have been reportedly heard by many, many visitors here.

Gettysburg - The Wheatfield - One of the bloodiest battle scenes during the war was the Wheatfield. On occasion you can still hear the war being fought. Sounds of fire crackling, and tin cups clinking can be heard, also the sound of a phantom horse can be heard approaching you.

Girard - Gudgeonville Bridge - About forty years ago a little girl fell off the cliff next to the bridge and her ghost are now seen there. The man named Gudgen, which the place was named after, supposedly beat his mule to death because it refused to cross the bridge, you can hear the hooves and bays on certain nights. Other odd apparitions and presences have also been felt there, such as if look to the right of the bridge up on the top of the cliff, An apparition appears in a dress and really pale. She then falls off the cliff and vanishes into air.

Glen Mills - The Grist Mill - There is a barn in the Grist Mill park where a stable boy worked. The stable boy fell in love with the land owner and the father killed the boy for being with his daughter. You can here him crying for her.

Glenmoore - Upattinas School - this alternative school used to be a home for wayward boys in the 1960's. There have been sightings of a pair of legs, and a man wearing a pink shirt and khakis in the stone hallway of the lower school. Basketballs roll across the gym by themselves. There was a person killed in the shower in the bathroom and a student went in there and her nose started bleeding. As soon as she left, it stopped. In the Photography Darkroom, strange things have happened. Like markers fly through the air and doors open and close, radio stations always change to the same country station, and the water overflows in the sink and floods the floor. Last year, a student fell asleep in the lounge, and the gates were locked at the end of school. He was locked in the upstairs of the gym building overnight with no cell phone to call anyone. He figured he’d be fine and he’d just continue sleeping in the lounge, but he couldn’t stand it because he kept hearing footsteps walking up and down the hallway. When kids arrived at school the next day, they saw the student asleep at the bottom of the steps right behind the gate. He said that’s the only place that he couldn’t hear the footsteps.

Gordon - Gordon Mountain - On top of the Gordon Mountain. A woman was murdered and left to die here many years ago. The man who killed her had a distinguishing scar on his face. When you drive up there at night, your car stalls. She walks to the car and checks all the windows for the man. She returns to her rock afterward and continues to brush her hair as she is doing when you first get there. The car will then start.

Granville - Malta Home - it is said that back in the 1880's a maintenance worker killed all of the residents on the fourth floor and hid the bodies in the attic. now it is said that you can hear the residents roaming the grounds around the surrounding village of Granville moaning and searching for families that once lived in the surrounding homes.

Greene - Carmichaels - Greene Academy of the Arts - Building was built in 1790'2 a brick addition was added in 1800's, third week end in September is the annual Covered Bridge Festival, persons who have spend the night in the Academy as security guards have spoken of footsteps on second floor, a cemetery was located behind the building, when renovation began the headstones were moved to Laurel Point Cemetery about 300 yards to the rear of the building, security people and neighbors still speak of seeing shadow type human figure leaving the Academy grounds at night and moving toward the cemetery as thought they are now confused about where their graves are really located.

Greene - Rices Landing - Train Tunnel - Legend and locals claim on a rainy night a young boy in the 1800's was driving his horse and buggy over railroad tracks to take a short cut when the train came and collided with the buggy, the boy's head was severed and his body found a piece of stove pipe which it placed where his head would be, now on rainy nights after dark if you walk the tracks and call "Stove Pipe" three times his ghost will appear to you.

Greensburg - Livermore cemetery - Reports of an apparition.

Greensburg - Seton Hill College - Olde Main - Maura Hall - Graveyard - Many sighting have taken place over the years, weird noises, walking, doors shutting, singing, the chapel organ playing, and sighting of a priest walking across the main parking lot at night. They have also have reports of a little boy playing with a ball in the graveyard.

Greenock - Old Dravo Cemetery - Old miner people walk around the grounds at night down by the Yough Bike Trail.

Greenville - Thiel College - Roth Hall - Many people have seen a ghost haunting Roth Hall. The origin of the ghost is unknown.

Grove City - Grove City College - The Lilly Room - Locked off room in bottom of girls dorms and cafeteria. Rumored that a young girl hung herself in the closet of the room. The room was closed off 15 yrs later opened up again and the smell of lilies the same smell of the girls perfume lingered. The room was sealed off again. Sightings of the girl at night on lower floors of dorms. Pounding can be felt sometimes on the floors of the rooms above the lily room. Also crying heard from inside the sealed room.

Grove City - Grove City College - Mary Anderson Pew - In the lower levels exists a locked room. Within this room lived a girl who was taken by a demon spirit and persuaded to commit suicide. After her death an exorcism was attempted on the room. However, the demon presence was too powerful to be subdued. The only way the exorcist could keep the demon at bay was to confine it to the room and not allow a new vessel to gain entrance. However, it is now said that if you watch at night you can see the girl walking the hallways. You can feel a presence scratching on the wall, and you can hear noises coming from within the locked room.

Guffy - Guffy Cemetery - Statue of ST. Francis comes to life at night, patrolling the grounds for graves that have been desecrated. He holds a dove in his hand that he releases; it circles the cemetery seeking out those graves, which have been disturbed. Said to torment grave robbers.

Harmarville - Campbells Run Road - Orphanage - During some nights you can see small white lights, fly around in this area. The blink in a rapid pattern of three to four blinks, then a short pause.

Harmarville - Campbells Run Road - The Trail - Three miners died. If you walk a trail near the road, during the day, they will walk past (appearing very real) and acknowledge you. They disappear after they pass you.

Harmarville - Campbells Run Road - The Woods - Three hunters died. You will see large orbs floating through the woods. Also appear as an apparition with out feet.

Harmony - Harmony Inn - A man named Louie was killed outside on the front steps of the Harmony Inn and is haunting the inn to try to spread his idea of linking the past present and future.

Harrisburg - IHS Nursing Home - The nursing home is said to be built over an old Indian Cemetery. The one left hallway in the nursing home's main floor is the only place that seems to be haunted. Items in rooms being thrown everywhere, noises coming from places. Once a nurse walked into a patients room and left, and a few minutes later came back in, and the patient she was treating said "where did that Indian boy go that was following you?". Also, one time a patient in a room seemed to be being suffocated, and her other roommate rang the call bell and the nurses came in and she suddenly stopped being suffocated. The patient said she saw a character like the "grim reaper" over her strangling her. The next day, bruises appeared on her neck in the shape on hands. Presences are felt in this hospital. Lights going on and off, pretty much the whole place is haunted.

Harrisburg - Harrisburg east mall - former J C Penny's - empty store that was formerly J.C. penny's at the Harrisburg east mall. Night security guards were known to see the images of a person on the stores roof and the image of a human looking from the glass doors. Many times during security checks inside the building, you would hear noises and get the feeling that you were being followed and watched, as if you were being "breathed" on also feelings of dread are common. During one occurrence in the summer, two of the security guards hit a cold spot inside the store and no air conditioning was on. Alarms would go off for no reason, lights would be turned on and off that were on motion sensors. Just a lot of creepy stuff. It was also reported to by a local detective and confirmed by a former employee that a person killed himself in the store and another person died of natural causes inside the store. The detective the information came from bought the gun the person used to kill himself from the family. The store still sits empty today.

Hastings - Seldom Seen Valley Coal Mine - In the early 1900's Three out of work miners from the small Mining town of Hastings head about a widow who had a large amount of jewelry and money and thought it to be an easy score. The made there way to the widows house and made way with the money after one of the robbers was shot in the arm by the widows oldest son. They made there way to what was at the time Miller Run Mining Company No.1 the hit the loot in a non-operating part of the mine and returned to Hastings. They were picked up in a police dragnet three days later after getting drunk and bragging about what they did. Not enough evidence was ever brought up to convict them when they were released they made there way back to the mine to recover the loot and make a get away. While they were digging they caused a large cave in that flooded nearly all of Miller Run the other side of the mountain was opened up into Chest Creek Mining Company where it meets with the old Miller Run min shaft. Fire Bosses and Pumpers working late at night would report digging and screaming noises coming from back Old Miller Run and still to this day if the mine is quite enough you can still hear the bone quenching noises of the 3 robbers desperately trying to get there money. The money and the bodies where never recovered due to the mine becoming flooded. Chest Creek Mining Co. is now Seldom Seen Mining co. is it for touring only and they are give from Memorial day till Labor day during the Halloween Season there is a haunted mine Conducted

Hazleton - Bishop Hafey High School - There's been stories of hearing screams and strange noises coming from the library windows of the school at night. People say there was a girl who committed suicide at that location `outside the library in the mid/late 1970's, and must still linger around there.

Hazleton - The ghost of Broad St - There are stories of a man known as Pete who roams the grounds of the shopping center in Hazleton. Its said that as a young man, Peter worked at a local hoagie store where he was in a horrific accident when a meat slicer. Pete has been seen in what looks to be a green uniform worn in the hoagie store. Pete is said to be a very, tall ghost. Check it out for yourself

Hazleton - Green Street - After a basketball game a kid fell down 4 flights of stairs in the old Holy Trinity School and now is haunting the Holy Trinity School that is there now.

Hazleton - Key Theatre, Broad Street - Three ghosts are dressed n early 1900 attire. One man haunts the projector room. Sometimes you may see the projector turn on itself. Or hear old music playing, and before you can reach the door, its gone. The second ghost seems to like the concession stand. The last ghost is the most frequently seen in the ticket booth.

Hazleton - the dirt road in Ridgewood - in between the dirt road there is an old construction site and there are little workhouses, trucks, cranes, etc. The gates are locked and closed 24/7 because no one has been there in at least 30 to 35 years. Believed to be haunted by a man that died of shock when he lost his hand in an explosives accident.

Hazleton - West Hazleton Middle School - in the early 1950's before West Hazleton middle school was there that area was a massive resting place for loved ones it is said that in the 1980's when West Hazleton was built they moved the bodies of some 2,500 people to the our lady of grace grave yard in this process it is said that some people were Quote- "Not Recovered" Said Some Hazleton Area People. It Is Said That On May 7th of every year in side the school after dark you can hear the cry's and moan's of the people who were not recovered. Although According The Hazleton Police Dept. Quote- "All of the Bodies Were Moved To Our lady of grace. All of them"

Hazleton - Wyoming and Green Streets - In the little shop on the corner of Wyoming and Green Streets, next to I believe Cousins Bar, there is said to have been various sightings of people walking through the storefront, in the kitchen, and in the basement. There was supposedly a mass murder in the building back in the late 1930's. While nobody has actually physically encountered any of them, they are said to be very temperamental and violent.

Henryville - Henryville House Route 191 North - It is an old hotel that is currently out of business. It has at least nine spirits currently residing there. As far as we know there is a small child, three grown males and five grown females. They usually do not cause problems unless they are provoked. It is also believed that there is an old Native American burial ground on the property.

Hershey - Hotel Hershey - Sightings of Mr. Hershey and doors opening and closing. The sound of foot steps in the old wine cellar. Strange noises and sounds.

Hershey - Waltonville Rd. - It is said that the man who once lived in this abandoned house hid bodies in his basement. There is no bathroom, only an outhouse and the house was occupied until the late 80's. Strange noises have been heard along with sounds of chairs being thrown. The man's belongings are still there along with millions of gun magazines, bullet shells, and bedpans. The basement has a dirt floor and no lights and stonewalls. There is also a strange picture of Jesus with a bullet hole put through his forehead. This house is heavily guarded by the Derry township police.

Hollsopple - Fire Hall - A volunteer fireman was killed in the basement of the fire hall but no one can quite figure out how he died. Other firemen have complained of hearing doors aspen and close with no one inside, fire gear being misplaced. It is believed that the phantom of the dead fireman haunts the fire hall.

Homer City - In this area there is an old logging road. There is a man who had lived there with his family a long time ago. He had gone crazy and killed his family, mother, daughter, son and grandfather. Then killing himself. The bodies of all are buried on the hill in a little cemetery, and the house was burned to the ground. But when you try walking up this hill at night he will come out of a green light and start running after you.

Horsham - Keith House- Street Road - In the 1700's a young woman was decapitated by a British solider in the revolutionary war. Ever since the tragedy you can see her walking around her house at midnight searching for her lost head.

Immaculata - Immaculata College - It is rumored that a nun back in the early 1900's broke her vows and became pregnant. She was found out, and instead of being thrown out she jumped from the 4th floor balcony of the rotunda. Since her death, there is a large distinctive series of cracks on the glass floor of the Rotunda. Despite the efforts of the convent community to replace these cracked tiles, the new tiles always become shattered in the exact manner as the previous ones. Students who live on the hall on either side of the rotunda say that at night they can hear a woman crying, footstep following them when they are alone, and cold spots, the eerie cold feelings - They are not evil feelings, but feelings of remorse and regret. One student also stated that one night she was studying in one of the study rooms that is right off the rotunda and she thought she saw a nun in an old fashioned habit walking past the door way.

Independence - John T. Anderson Cemetery - Off Service Creek Road there is a very old church and cemetery located along the banks of the Ambridge Reservoir. Service Creek Church was built in the 1700's and the adjoining cemetery is just as old. There are remains of Revolutionary War soldiers, Civil War soldiers and more recent graves. It is still being used. The church and cemetery look like something out of a postcard, but beware. There is an eerie feeling here and total absolute silence. Sometimes, there is an indefinable smell in the air. Behind the church property is the road that runs along the reservoir. - BE ADVISED...it is ILLEGAL to go over the guardrails and down to the reservoir. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!!! - There are strange faces in the mists and unexplainable violent thunderstorms that suddenly stop once you reach the end of the road. Strange sounds like whispers can be heard late at night. This is a popular lovers' lane area. Violent lightning strikes sometimes hit the banks even when the weather is clear. There are voices here and strange movements and lights, and it is ALWAYS foggy. Reports of strange animals have also been recorded. This was once Indian land. Back in the cemetery, there have been numerous dead animals seen and always a feeling of being watched. When you stand at one of the Civil War graves, you can actually get a sense of how this soldier died and "see" him lying in his coffin. The spirits attempt to communicate with the living. The main road into the cemetery is a pine-tree lined twisting scenic road that leads right into the church parking lot.At night, however, this road is misty and mysterious lights can be seen shimmering in the fog. - PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL...the church and cemetery are still in use.

Independence - Old bridge - Along a road in Independence Twp. in Beaver county, there runs a creek, which is spanned by a dilapidated iron bridge. A century and a half ago, a couple riding in a carriage were killed when their horses spooked and the carriage fell into the creek from the then wooden bridge. The course of the road has been changed, but one is still able to see the figure of the woman running beside the creek on some nights.

Independence - Quaker Cemetery- This place is said to be haunted by all forms of ghosts there have been sightings of multi colored lights ranging in color. Some sightings include that of a man chasing a woman with a axe and then just vanishing. When you are at this place a eerie atmosphere is felt. An almost evil presence can be felt in the air when approaching the old cemetery.

Indiana - Allen Bridge - the ghost of a lady in white.

Irwin - Leger Road Cemetery - There is a great deal of history to this site. It is haunted by spirits of Choctaw Indians who were attacked by English settlers many years ago. You can see shadows of things, negative entities, as well as the sound of footsteps in the grass.

Jennersville - Red Rose Inn - A murder suspect was hung in front of the Inn and now roams the area.

Johnstown - A coal miner from the early 1900's walks the base of the Inclined Plane hillside. Several years ago a boy reported seeing a coal miner with early 1900's gear on walking the hiking trail at the base of the Inclined Plane. In 1902 a mine explosion killed 115 miners in this same area.

Johnstown - Croyleton Stables - It's Somerset Pike, horse farm. A caretaker was killed in the late 1800's. He was kicked in the head by a horse and shortly thereafter died. He still inhabits the barn and lower field. On summer nights you can hear horses neighing and then a scream. You can also see him wandering around occasionally.

Johnstown - Chandler School - The school was shut down around 1990-91.It is said to be haunted by a janitor that was doing one of his many jobs and a board fell from the ceiling and killed him. It is also said to be haunted by a little boy who had an asthma attack during lunch one day. Lights still turn on and off and there is no electricity.

Johnstown - Conemaugh Valley High School- When the school was built, it was built on an old cemetery. Several bodies were moved to accommodate the building. Several stories persist such as lights turning off and on by themselves. Custodial workers report strange noises like whistling and humming when no one else is in the building. Several students participating in extracurricular activities have reported seeing strange apparitions which seemingly just vanish or walk through walls. During school hours, doors will slam shut by themselves and lockers will fly open. Apparitions have also been reported in the football field and student parking lots.

Johnstown - Crum Cemetery - Said to be haunted if you turn your car off on the second bridge of the path that leads to it you wont be able to start it again there is an image of a carriage that rides through at night.

Johnstown - Forest Lawn Cemetery - An apparition of a woman in a white dress has been reported to be seen walking through the cemetery at night.

Johnstown - Former Abood, Russel, Pappas & Rozich Law Office. - Many reports of occurrences happened at the law office, such as doors slamming by themselves, alarms going of from the inside when only one person was in the building, and areas of "fog". There ahve been a few people who have witnessed a young lady dressed in blue. The restaurant that was there after the law office relocated because of these hauntings also reported radios shutting off by themselves. The building is on its 107th year.

Johnstown - Greater Johnstown High School - A janitor was killed in the auditorium of Johnstown High School because he fell from the balcony. Some students have seen the janitor or someone walking around. Doors shut, seats creak and no one is in the room. Under the stage are rooms. When you go under, you can hear someone on the steps and doors slam.

Johnstown - Ideal Market - people that work here have reported putting things some where in the store and it disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. This has happened on quite a few occasions.

Johnstown - Laura wood Nursing Home - Reports of ghostly apparitions have been seen roaming this hall and therapy room at the end of the hall way. Someone pounding on windows have been reported through out the facility.

Johnstown - Lower Yoder TWN. - In the forest across from D St. & Norton RD. Children & Adults hear voices, whistling, and unexplainable noises. And sometimes see glows in the night which people call orbs. Local people sometimes walk through the forest and follow paths and come out just terrified but like something wants them to go back. Some people think its workers from the old coal mines or just spirits wondering.

Johnstown - North Fork Dam - There have been many sightings of ghosts behind the dam where the graveyard is. People have been hung and shot in this deep, wooded area. Always makes your hair stand on end when you're around.

Johnstown - University of Pittsburgh - American Indian spirits are seen in areas adjacent to soccer fields. Rumor has it that prior to building of the school there was an Indian Burial Mound, similar to others in that vicinity.

Johnstown - University of Pittsburgh - Laurel Hall & Oak Hall, Oak Hall and Laurel Halls as well as the woods surrounding the campus all have had strange happenings. Oak and Laurel were supposedly built on an Indian burial ground; the stretch between the two scares some people so much that they will not walk it at night; drums have been heard around here. Laurel was exercised in 1986 after a knife flew across the room and stuck in the a door by itself. In the woods there is a small cemetery and a ghost of a small girl has been seen walking around its vicinity.

Johnstown - University of Pittsburgh - The Living and Learning Center, Woodland Townhouse, and Briar Lodge - All five of these buildings on campus have had repots of apparitions, and strange sounds.

Kane - Chestnut Street School - a janitor was killed in the basement by a student in the 1950-1960 some times the elevator goes by it self and you have to use a key to run it it is warm every were except were he was killed in the basement.

Kane - Clay Street School - Usually around 2:00am when people walk by the old school from the 1800s, they see children watching from windows on the top floor.

Kane - The Kane Manor has a recurring bloodstain from a painter who fell to his death in the 20's.

Kelayres - Old School - An old Public School that has been shut down and turned into a machine shop. At times you can see lights that turn on by themselves, smell strange odors, see strange figures, and at night it is always colder than any other spot in town.

Kersey - Earlyville Cemetery - At 9:30 in the morning a purple and red haze can sometimes be seen towards the wooded area at the end of the cemetery. Singing is usually heard, sounding like a little boy. The Cemetery dates back to the early 1900's when the town was called Centerville.

Koppel - Foxwood Road - When traveling down the road at approx midnight, sometimes you can see the imagine of the "headless horseman" run across the road in front of you. He is harmless. Legend has is that he was a civil war soldier who was the enemy. He was caught and decapitated.

Kutztown - Kutztown Historical Society building - Which was a former Kutztown school building is said to be haunted by a young woman who several people have claimed to see in one of it's windows.

Kutztown - Kutztown State College - The college's central administration building, Old Main, is haunted by the spirit of Mary Snyder. Who died of a heart failure on the 5th floor. Her spirit still haunts this building today.

La Plume - Keystone College - Moffat Hall - Keystone College in itself is entirely haunted. Built in the 1800s, it has been said that the school grounds lay over an Indian burial ground; thus making some very unhappy metaphysical presences. Moffat Hall was the first residence hall built on campus. Though there are quite a few known stories of many different people dying (suicide mostly), there is no real known explanation for the ghost that haunts the girls bathroom in suite 2A. Walking into the bathroom late at night you can hear a girl crying, an apparition of the girl has been spotted.

La Plume - Keystone College - Ward Hall - Reports of lights turn on and off in the hallway and one time desks were lined up down the center of the hallway. Strange thing is, the doors at the ends of the hallway are bolted shut allowing no one inside.

Lancaster - Franklin & Marshall College - Apparently in the late 1970's a female freshman committed suicide in her room on the third floor of South Ben Franklin dormitory because she could not handle the college's intense workload. Since that time, whenever winter finals grow near, there are reports of screams in the night, sightings of a ghostly figure wandering the halls with a physics book, and even the appearance of blood on the floor of her former room.

Lancaster - Fulton Opera House - Reports of screams heard.

Lancaster - Maple Springs Rd - Residents have seen a tall figure standing at the end of their beds.

Lancaster - Narvon – Welsh Mountain - reports of feeling watched, doors slamming, hearing voices and screams.

Lancaster - Silver Springs - Cars seem to run into people and then suddenly disappear. But people say they never saw a driver.

Lancaster - the villages of Lancaster green apartments - At the Lancaster Green Apartments, building K,2 young women were murdered. To this day no one knows who or what killed them. Some say that it was just a tree branch falling on the roof. When their mother found them, their faces were ashen, eyes blood red, faces twisted with terror. Every year on the day they were found dead, screams can be heard, echoing down the halls. There are also sounds of struggling, but then there is quiet. Then all of a sudden, you see a flash of light in the halls, and then the power goes out. That happens about every two years for a few weeks on and off. I pity you if you live in that building. Be careful.

Lancaster - Willow Valley Retirement Homes - Said to be known at night that in a kitchen located at one of the Manors that a white ghostly figure walks through the doors of the kitchen, it is known to be a figure of a chef.

Lancaster County - Four seasons Hotel - Its closed down now, and watched heavily by police. Voices have come from within the boarded up windows of this three story hotel. I've personally seen bricks fly out of glass windows, and then come back the next day with friends and the window isn't broken anymore. I've never been inside of this place yet, but have heard other stories about it other than what I've seen with my own eyes.

Lansdown - Today Inc - Seeing shadows move across the windows when you are standing outside. The building was built in the 1700's. The profile of a little boy is seen also.

Langhorne - Neshamity Jr. High - A janitor who has been thought to worship Satan and committed suicide in 1978. Some students and faculty claim to see his spirit roaming the halls.

Langhorne - Woods services (off Bellvue Dr.) - Now a residential treatment facility for kids with behavioral problems the land was originally owned by a woman named Molly Woods. (the whole facility was named after her). Molly Woods was a patriot and allowed her property to be used as a makeshift hospice and cemetery for fallen Revolutionary soldiers because it was so near the battles in Trenton. Which is a scant 10 minute drive from Langhorne. There are many accounts of apparitions...Molly's original manor is used as the business epicenter but there are many esteemed, pragmatic and intrepid colleagues that refuse to go into that house after dark and state (without fanfare) that it is point-blank haunted.

Latrobe - St. Vincent's Monastery and College - Tales of a spectral monk have been in circulation and documented since the 1800s. Footsteps on the steps of the basilica's bell tower. Shadows and sightings of a monk that was killed in the mill persist to this day...security frequently has to shut off the lights in the building even though no one is there. The ghost of Father Boniface (the founding priest of St. Vincent) is said to come with such frequency that it's a freshman initiation rite. Father Boniface presumably rises from his grave on the day of his death (early December), walks to the basilica to hear mass, then comes back and disappears. Stories also abound of a monk who wanders the area between St. Vincent's and the nearby St. Xavier, which was a nearby convent. His cowl covers his face, and even when one tries to see who it is, one cannot see a face.

Lebanon - Inn 422 - The inn was originally built by Mr. Coleman for his daughter. She was said to have killed herself in the house because her father would not allow her to marry her true love because he was not of the upper call. Her ghost has been seen in the inn as well as other strange occurrences. The full story and history of Inn422 can be found here http://www.inn422.com/history.html

Lebanon - Moonshine Church - The cemetery at this church is said to be haunted by the Blue-Eyed Six, a gang that murdered a local man and whose members were all subsequently hung in the cemetery as punishment(a play has been written about this event and was possibly copyrighted). Among various paranormal phenomena, the most commonly reported is that of car engines cutting out when being driven past the cemetery.

Leet Township - Wolf's Woods' - Rumors of a few murders are spread. Strange noises like growling and people are heard, but nothing can be seen

Lehigh - Allentown - Manorcare Health Services - the ghost of a small boy has been seen in the kitchen. the boy was about 8 or 9 years old, had brown hair and was wearing modern clothing. Each time they encountered this boy he appeared whole to them, just like a normal human being. there wasn't anything else about the boy's appearance that was odd or out of the ordinary. when workers encountered the boy, he would look directly at them then run from them and attempt to hide elsewhere in the kitchen. When they would try to find the boy he was nowhere to be found. Because this activity only happened on the later shifts (2nd&3rd) it would have been all but impossible for anyone, especially a child, to get into any of the buildings without being noticed.

Lehighton - Lehighton Cemetery - it is said that the victims of the Gnaden Huetten Massacre can be seen day or night wandering around the tomb where they are buried and memorialized. There is an old marker with a flat slab from 1755 that marks the occasion

Lehighton - Railroad Trestle - Local residents say an apparition of a young woman can be found walking along the trestle in white, and then disappears halfway across it as if heading to Packerton.

Letterkenny - Gravedigger Church - If you cross over the chain blocking the old driveway, you will start to here footsteps all around the boarded up church. If you decide to venture into the grave yard, don’t bother to close the old cast iron gate; an invisible force will shut it for you. Then when you turn to go back down the old driveway, you will notice the chain you just crossed swinging like a jump-rope, even on the stillest of days.

Lewisberry -Three kids were killed in a car accident at the end of Pleasant View Rd. If you go to the stop sign and put your car in neutral the ghost will push your car backwards up the hill. If you place baby powder on the front of your car you will see their handprints. This really happens.

Lewistown - Burnham - Caves in the woods - There were two men shot to death and hidden in one cave a long time ago and they are supposed to haunt it, the `ther one is on the other side of town and is said to be haunted by a boy who was hit by a car riding his bike and was hid in there.

Lewistown - The Gables - There are ghost in the kitchen that like to move furniture and other things around.

Lewistown - Junction Fire Department - It is said that a man hung himself in the Engine room of the fire company and you can see him there and hear him gasping for breath before he disappears. The meeting room has had things move for no reason at all. You can hear kids running around the lounge when it is quiet.

Lewistown - Sand Ridge Road(Ferguson Valley) - When at the old Jewish Cemetery on the ridge, moans and screams can be heard when German is spoken, or even not! Visitors seem to hear the pain and agony of those resting eternally there.

Limerick - Limerick Power Generating Plant - When the plant was being constructed in the late 70's and early 80's, one of the workers was killed when he fell over 100 feet down an open elevator shaft in the unit 2 reactor part of the building. To this day there have been sightings of the ghost on the elevation from which he had fallen from as well as many "cool" spots in a building which is anything but cool.

Linwood - The Wawa - Late at night all the workers on night shift would be going on about their business when chip bags would fly off the shelves and the sandwiches would make themselves. My friend once got hit in the eye with a pickle during these frenzies. It flew so hard in the air it gave her black eyes for weeks. It is said that it was built back in the 1800's, the owner of wawa was so depressed that there wasn't any business that he killed himself. He ran his arms threw the meat slicers and then bled to death. Every now and then a costumer will find a finger in their lunch meat.

Little Boston - It's a hill that consists of 13 turns on the way up. At the top there was an Orphanage, but it burnt down many years ago, all the children died. If you go up there at sunset you can hear the sound of the children screaming, crying, and burning.

Livermore - Satan’s Seat - Reports of a phantom house, that disappears. From legend and research the place was a town in the 1800's. There was a witch living amongst the people and they burned her alive, as she died she placed a curse of flood on the place and death on the people. On the anniversary of her death there was indeed a great flood, burying the entire town and people in it alive. if you park your car near the gates at night, a train going across the only way out, blocking you in for an hours worth of demon faces in your windows, howling screeching sounds, corpses trying to get at you, and the like. (Remember, in actuality the corpses are still underwater in the town, never recovered). You can actually walk thru this place (beware, there are wild dog packs throughout) and good luck not getting lost. If the waters low enough, you can see the tops of chimneys and houses during the day. Pay close attention to what you hear; sounds even in the daytime are unexplainable and for added fun, try the cemetery off to the left for gravesites of those who died before the flood. Not recommended for ANY child, the place is dangerous. And don't drive thru there, you will get fined at least $500.For more information check out the Westmoreland Historical Association, and look up Livermore. It's all there in black and white. And yes, the "Livermore Cemetery" sign is the original that was used in the black and white version of Night of the Living Dead.

Liverpool - Hanging Tree - There is a rumor that in the 1800s a man was hung at this tree, he proclaimed that he was innocent and nobody believed him, so they hung him and to this day people say that if you go to the tree at midnight that you can hear peoples laughing, crying ,and you can hear the man yelling. When you go there people say that you should stay in your car, you hear noises and one time kids said that they heard and felt something jump onto their hood but they didn't see anything. They said that their headlights went out somehow and they had trouble starting their car.

Lock Haven - Assante's Hotel - (Condemned) - Believed to haunted by first owner of the hotel Sal Assante, apparitions seen.

Lock Haven - Lock Haven University - Russell Hall - a girl hung herself from the bell tower, it is a ghost named Mary.

Lock Haven - Lock Haven University - Sloan Hall- The university arts building, is haunted--by three ghosts: one a woman draped in white, very calming (seen mostly in the main stage theatre area), the second a feeling of a curious child (but nothing seen--generally in the studio theatre on the third floor) and lastly a black, fast moving blur of a spirit, very menacing.

Lock Haven - The McGhee Elementary School - A school custodian died very suddenly of a violent heart attack in the school's multipurpose room during the 1996-97 school year. His presence is still seen and felt by many teachers as well as some of the students throughout the school.

Madison Township - 393 Ants Hill Road - used to be former Pa. Gov. John Frederic Hartranft House. Believed to be haunted by his daughters; whispering and talking softly, giggles of a little girl, & moving about in house has been heard.

Malvern - General Wayne Inn - A man walks around the bar blowing on all of the ladies’ necks. Also, the TV mysteriously turns upside down. It is said soldiers have been seen here too. (Was also on Unsolved Mysteries) Many other ghosts here, very haunted.

Manheim - Manheim Central High School - An electrician was putting the lighting up for the stage in the Auditorium when he slipped and fell to his death. Many students in stage crew still see a ghostly figure falling on certain nights.

Manor - Norwin Elks - The Norwin Elks used to be the old Fletcher's place. He made jellies and such assortments as that. When it closed down is when all the hauntings were noticed. . . There are 3 distinct hauntings. The first haunting is in the Old Fletcher Barn (Which became the Terror Barn). One of the groundskeepers apparently had nowhere to go when Fletcher's was shutdown, so he thought he'd make a statement to the world by hanging himself in the barn facing the window on the second floor. Working there I noticed the scariest things imaginable would happen. For one thing (and they had this on tape one night while we were making a commercial for the terror barn) the radio (which was located at the other side of the barn in the "Michael Meyer's Room") was changing stations rapid ply and shutting off and turning on while we are all meeting in the wizard room (on the other side of the barn, nowhere near Michael Meyers).The second thing, if you lay on the torture rack and look up you can see a man who walks the rafters above. The other thing has to do withhe sound of cowboy boots following you as you walk around. The last thing is above all the scariest, a piercing scream while we were closing one night. The second haunting of the Norwin Elks is located in the bar/dining area. Apparently in the attic there is a specter who you cannot make out, but she/he is there and watches you. Some say that it is a little girl and others say it's a little boy. The third haunting is in the basement of the Norwin Elks. If you walk down there you can hear a dog barking for hours on end, but the Norwin Elks don't have any dogs. And sometimes you see a maintenance man down there who tells you that the pipes of the furnace need a cleaning, and when you ask them what's wrong he vanishes. There are other reports of a man in the bar who never leaves and when you finally force him outside he vanishes after he leaves the door. But no one can say for certain what happened to any of these ghosts. The only ghost that we know for sure is the Fletcher's Groundskeeper in the terror barn who hung himself.

Mansfield - Internet Café - A man named Ed died here last year while playing EverQuest. You can see him sitting at the very same computer playing EverQuest every now and then. The cafe has lost a lot of business due to this.

Mansfield - Mansfield University - At night you can see an image of a well known kid from the 80's nicknamed Mouse, dubbed Mouse due to his dental alignment. It is said that he died tragically while performing a hit rap solo at the time called J to the Mac. At times you can see him in the theater with a faint sound of rhythm.

Mansfield - Mansfield University - North HallA young woman named Sarah supposedly haunts North Hall. She is believed to have died after falling from the six-story atrium. Piano music can be heard from the sixth floor, and the imprint of her body has been seen where she landed on the ground.

Mansfield - Fraternity House across from the University - Many spirits haunt this (previously an underground railroad stop) house and it has a VERY livid past. People hanging, children playing, choking feelings at night, and many documented past events of people coming to their untimely death haunt this house.

Marianna - The Marianna Cemetery - haunted by the ghost of a woman and a black cat...The woman floats through the field that and joins the cemetery and then into the cemetery and sits on the fence with the cat...

Marshals Creek - Indian Museum - This museum is haunted by the mysterious figure of a woman who descends the stairway in the main hall.

McCandless - McCandless Town Hall - Built on farm land. Where it is rumored a young child fell down a well in the early 1900's. Late at night police officers and dispatchers have reported hearing sounds of footsteps in the stairwells, whispering voices, creaking sounds like doors being opened, and lights going on and off on their own. People have reporting seeing the face of a young child staring from a second floor window late at night. The building is kept locked.

Mckeesport - UPMC Hospital - Voices have been heard, bad vibes felt, and there have been sightings of spirits on the Mansfield rooftop, Painter building, and the Kelly building by the maintenance dept.

McVeytown - Mifflin County - Reports of floating lights in the cemetery.

Meadville - Allegheny College - Brooks Hall - One of the rooms on the third floor in the all female dorm is supposedly haunted. First of all, Pennsylvania does not allow sorority houses on campus because of an outdated law to do with houses of ill repute. So sorority sisters were housed in the all female dormitory, Brooks Hall. The Greeks on campus had a ritual for pinning a girl that involved the pinner to walk down Main St. with his brothers behind him with torches. They would walk down Brooks Walk, a very long, red-brick lane that led right to the front of Brooks Hall. The pinner would climb the building to the front terrace where the pinnee would be waiting with her sorority sisters to be pinned. Well one such time the fraternity brother was climbing up the front of the building and fell to his death. The sister, terribly distraught, went to her room and in a fit of hysteria jumped out of the window, killing herself. Her spirit supposedly haunts her old room and furniture has been moved around, pictures fall from the walls, the window opens and the current tenants all are driven to request a housing reassignment.

Meadville - John Browns Tannery - It is said to be haunted and soldiers are buried in and around the tannery in shallow graves.

Media - Heilbron Mansion - This mansion sits on the corner of Painters Crossing and Rose Tree Road. It is Haunted by 3 different ghosts, 1 is a little girl that haunts the upstairs, one is her mother whose presence can be felt in the Library, the grand staircase, and upstairs hallway, and the third is a slave that was hung in a tree outside who haunts the driveway and front porch. There is a book written about the house called "Night Stalks the Mansion" the book is out of print though, so it is hard to find copies of it.

Middletown - Alfred's Victorian - The ghost of an old woman has been seen & heard. There is a rocking chair that rocks on it's own. You can hear it. An employee of the restaurant once said, while in the kitchen, she witnessed things flying off shelves.

Middletown - devils bridge - a little boy was hit by a train right under the bridge. it's on the back roads of Royalton and Middletown and is said that if you go back there and tap 3 times on the bridge you can hear 3 loud taps back. BE ADVISED THAT THE FARMERS THAT LIVE THERE WILL CHASE YOU OUT. I WAS CHASED OUT WITH A SHOTGUN. BE CAREFUL.

Middletown - old cemetery - its said that if u walk around the brick wall that surrounds the graveyard 3 times you will get pushed off the third time around. you will hear weird noises. and feel like you are not alone.

Middletown - Penn State Harrisburg - The new Penn State Harrisburg housing complex is built on an old sewage site. Allegedly, the smell of raw sewage haunts several apartments in the newly built housing complex and mysterious "garbage men" are seen out of the corner of many peoples' eyes.

Milfard - Malibu dude ranch - This historic ranch is known for sightings of a small girl who has even spoken, and old man wandering endlessly throughout the ranch. Sightings have been seen by guests and staff.

Milford - Tom Quick Inn - Over a century old, the Victorian Tom Quick Inn, one of the historical hotels in Milford, has undoubtedly acquired at least a few spirits over the years. Employees have reported hearing things, amongst others. Beds that have been made neatly were found to look like someone laid in them One of the rooms especially is known to be haunted. Guests have complained that their bed moved, and the employees have heard their names called out, only to discover no one.

Millvale - The Evergreen Hotel - This is a really old hotel, which went from hotel to a bar, to a strip joint. When it was a bar it was a great place to go, but the stories of cupboard doors slamming, dishes being thrown out of the cupboards, cold spots upstairs, lights going on and off, have been going on for years. Visitors have been locked in the bathroom and others have been locked in the basement.

Millvale - St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church - This church is said to be haunted by a former priest. Witnesses have seen him tending the altar and church.

Millville - Iola Hotel - bar stools turning on their own, faces with Victorian style collars seen in mirrors, shadows with long black dresses seen rounding corners

Millville - Katie's Church - unexplained sightings can hear people saying your name in dead silence when sitting in your vehicle with the keys lying on the set beside your, your radio will start playing, your headlights blink, wipers come on, and horn blows

Milton - Hotel Milton- Strange noises and figures have been seen, I have seen and heard them, doors slam shut, lights flicker in the early hours of the morning, rooms become chillingly cold, you also when you enter the building get the feeling you are being followed, even though no one is around.

Monroe County - Buck Hill Inn - There are many places where there is paranormal activity. The basement men's room, Rm.62 where a lady killed herself just before here marriage.

Monroe County - Effort - Effort junk yard - 20 years ago a group of teenagers were partying in their car when it caught fire. Local towns people say they have seen, what appeared to be a young male walking around the junkyard (which is now a tree farm) with a missing arm.

Monroeville - Restland Cemetery - The dead walk at night in the Restland cemetery. Supposedly, a monument of a girl named Rosie whom is buried in the cemetery will stroll the grounds of the cemetery at night. She is known to the locals as Walkin' Rosie.

Moon Township - country club - The old banker who lived in this mansion, now haunts the residence which now stands as a country club. Random lights turn on and off, and you can still smell his cigar smoke on the top floor of the house. Also reports of seeing a dark figure walking around at night. Voices can be heard late at night.

Mount Holly Springs - There is a man in Civil War uniform with long red hair that wanders here, Children & Adults alike have seen him. There are also very cold spots through out this place.

Mount Pleasant - The Village Restaurant - This restaurant, located on west Main St., is said to be haunted. Many strange noises are heard, footsteps are heard and an old woman was seen sitting on the steps in the basement. The restaurant was once a funeral home.

Mount Pocono - Kmart - 2 overnight employees, each in a different part of the store, saw the ghostly image of a woman in a long flowing white dress. On one occasion, she even called out the name of David {one of the employees}, repeating the name twice in a haunting manner. On other occasions, feminine products were knocked off the shelves when no one was around. Magnetic signs fell from the ceiling, previously folded clothing was found in disarray, among other strange happenings.

Mount Pocono - Memory Town - at memory town there are these little hotels. people have reported seeing an older lady wearing a gray dress and she is very pale. They call her the lady in gray. Others have reported her sitting in a chair sewing gloves or scarves. Others have heard voices coming from the hallways near there rooms. They say that they see little kids playing outside on the swing set, but there’s usually never a swing set there. Other people have reported missing items like jewelry and clothes. They say that they feel ice-cold breath on there neck when there’s nobody there and they say that they feel sitting on there beds, but There the only ones in the room.

Montgomery County - Lorimer Park - Many apparitions have been seen here, especially in the winter months. There is stone pyramid set deep in the woods that is said to glow red on certain nights. There was once a mansions set on the property that burned down in the late 1800s and every now and then you can hear screams coming from the part of the park and smell an intense smoke.

Montgomery County - Pottstown - The Hill School Chapel - The chapel was built in late 1800's as a gift from the alumni of the elite boarding school. The Chapel is built in a very dark Romanesque style. One of the first headmasters of the school, John Meigs supposedly suffered from severe depression and hung himselffrom a light in the chapel. Unable to be buried on sacred ground because of the cause of death the school's greatest headmaster is buried right outside the side doors of the chapel. Students who have snuck into the chapel late at night have reported to see the very same light which Meigs hung himself from sway back and forth. Also in the back of the chapel the stairway to the bell tower is littered with signatures of past alter boys and students. Noises such as screaming, bells ringing and Latin being spoken can sometimes be heard coming from the stairwell.

Montgomery county - Worcester - Old Baptist Road Murder House - Reports of orbs, mysterious blue lights, and "Ghost Dogs," surround an abandoned house where an alleged multiple-murder/suicide took place. (A man is supposed to have killed his whole family, a la Amityville Horror.) House is located on Old Baptist Road.

Montrose - The Montrose House - The site of the Inn has a long history. The original Inn was used as the first jail, as a funeral home before there was a funeral home in town and as a school room. The original building burned to the ground in the mid 1920's. When the new building was about 90 percent completed it burned to the ground again. The building that stands on the site now, was completed around 1926. Upstairs in the Inn there is a little boy that roams the hall and plays trick at all times of the day and night. He seems to like room #5 the most. More than one guest reported someone knocking on the door and no one being there when the door was opened. One guest in particular complained in the morning about the child that was staying in the Inn. He had upset here during the night with knocking on the door several times during the evening and giggling. There were no other guest in the Inn that night. The shade would be taken off the window and placed neatly on the pillow. The window was about 7 feet away from the bed. The time on the clock would be changed. The arm that was set the night before would not go off ( the alarm clock was changed in that room more than once due to the complaints concerning the alarm not going off). Room doors would open then slowly close. The child was reported as seen only once. He was crouched down with his face toward the corner with his hands over his eyes and he was giggling as though he was playing hide and seek. Downstairs in the Inn is a man that has been seen on many occasions and felt many more. This man was seen walking past the front office into the coat closet on one occasion. He seemed so real that the customer in the dinning room thought that he was about to steal a coat. The customer kept his eye on the closet until he realized that no one was coming back out so he leaned back in his chair where he could see into the closet and realized that no one was there. Employees reported him walking out toward the tavern area when the dinning and tavern area were closed and all the doors were locked. Customers have felt him walk behind them as they are checking out. The back dinning room has had objects thrown across the room (this usually happens during the equinoxes)

Moon Township - Damian's Grave - The site of Damian's grave is in Resurrection Cemetery (located off of I-60 near the Pittsburgh International Airport). All that is listed on the tombstone is "Here lies Damian," "he will rise again" (No date of birth or death). It has been thought that his name is an allusion to the Devil. It was reported that the night a local teenager defaced the grave, he and others were in a fatal car accident. Local police now patrol the area to keep would-be observers away from the grave. Although the grave has been the subject of graffiti, odd occurrences are still occurring.

Muhlenburg - Muhlenburg High School - A boy coming out of gym class was said to have collapsed and died from a heart problem. Now students and teachers that are in the building at night have said to have seen him in the hallways.

Munhall - Woodland School - There was a man that was burn to death in the basement and you can see him in the school looking out the windows and walking around the school some times you can see smoke come out the stack too. November 2003 addition: not only in and around Woodlawn is there the ghost of the janitor and smiley face man there is a little girl that you can see sometimes at night in and around and she hums and sings a tune similar to ring around the rosy and wears a little white dress and has been seen by very many people in and around Woodlawn school the times she was seen in the school there was a group of people in the school after it was closed(for several years) and they went in and they heard the tune and the doors started to slam and then they got out of there and the girl is reportedly seen in and around the school very frequently

Murrysville - Olive Cemetery - Located on Logan's Ferry Rd. and is said to be haunted by Logan himself.

Murrysville - Wendy's Restaurant- Lamps have been seen swinging and abruptly stopping at night. Voices are heard. A man's apparition has been spotted. Doors slam and cold spots are felt. (Built on tcp of old mines which many people have died in)

Natrona Hts. - Brackenridge-Heights Country Club - Footsteps are often heard in the attic when no one is up there, doors will open and close by them selves, lights mysteriously come on when they were only turned off moments before. A dishwasher also reported he had heard a man clearing his throat in the basement when he had been the only one there.

New Ashatola - Krum Cemetery - In the woods near New Ashatola is a small, civil war era cemetery. Near it is an abandoned mansion nicknamed 'The Dead Zone'. Reports of cult activity abound. Headless people and dogs have been sighted here as well as bloodied (live) rabbits, and strange owls. The house is said to be where a man went crazy and killed his wife and daughter, and later himself.

New Bloomfield - Carson Long Military Institute - There have been stories told by the students there that things in their rooms have been moved. One of the students claims to have seen his trunk being moved across the floor. There has also been sightings of two red circles resembling eyes being seen in the Chapel. And a year ago one of the instructors heard laughing coming from "The Maples" when no one was in there.

New Castle - Coverts Crossing - My friends and I went there tonight, and all the names of the kids who were in a wreck were on the telephone poles, if you turn off your headlights, you can see the car and the girl who died

New Castle - Harmony Short Line - On October 30th 1904 at 11:50 PM, there was a railroad conductor hit and killed while he was attempting to catch a stowaway that jumped out of a freight car into the brush. The conductor fell onto the tracks and was beheaded by the train. And now in late October you can sometimes see the ghost conductor holding a lantern walking down the old abandon tracks looking for stowaways.

New Castle - Hillsville Road - A ghost train can be seen on foggy nights off of Hillsville Road in New Castle. Also, there are ghost lights seen under a bridge that runs over the Mahoning River.

New Castle - Madonna Cemetery - A tombstone lies here with a picture of a man who has, one white hand and one Black Hand on it. Legend states that if you put a white sheet over the top of the headstone on All Hollow's Eve (October 30), at midnight and knock 3 times, the man will appear behind you.

New Castle - Shenango Township - The old Whitemen Homestead is haunted by several ghost. There is a spirit of a civil soldier that walks across the dining room causing the lights in the room to flicker and go out.

New Hope - Hensel Rd - An old man is seen walking up and down the road and a glowing light comes out of the woods hovers over the road then disappears back into the woods.

New Hope - Inn at Phillips Mill - a ghost has been seen on the stairs and in a rocking chair.

New Hope - Logan Inn - numerous ghosts haunt this place including a glowing light in room 6. But it seems the entire place is haunted. In the late 1800's a couple and their little girl were staying at the inn and while playing near the canal that sits behind the inn, said girl accidentally fell in the water and drowned. According to previous owners records, the ghost of the little girl returns every now and again in search of her parents. Some report seeing an apparition, others hear footsteps running in the halls.

New Hope - Odette's Restaurant South River Rd - Some of the staff here at Odette's have seen a figure of a women that was supposed to have worked at the restaurant before it was named Odette's possible it was during the time it was the River House Restaurant the women was to have been murdered there, but we can't seem to find any accounts of a murder. Some the wait staff have not only seen figures but have also felt cold spots, their name called, and a scent of a strong perfume.

New Hope - Steven Buck Auditorium - Behind the curtain strange sounds, braking mirrors, and shadowy movements.

New Hope - Pickett House - Joseph Pickett has been seen in and around his former home.

New Hope - The Van Sant Bridge - The covered bridge is haunted by the ghost of a woman who killed her child inside the bridge. Also, the figure of a man can be seen hanging from the inside beams. But most many see orbs or mist.

New Milford - Old Mill Village - The ghost of a man, who is believed to be a past caretaker of the living history museum, has been seen by a few of the volunteers at the village. He is seen walking the grounds and has even been know to help clean up the grounds after an 18th century reenactment. Paper from the cartridges of black powder used in the guns was lying on the ground after the event and he helped gather and deposit all the papers in a pile for the volunteer who was cleaning up. He is a helpful ghost to the village.

New Wilmington - Westminster College - Hillside Girls Dormitory - Witnesses report strange occurrences such as opening and closing of doors, not to mention locking of doors, the turning on and off of lights, things being knocked over and put back up in front of the witnesses eyes, music being played from peoples computers when they are not even at their desk, and strange typing noises from everyone's computers. Rumor is a girl named Betsy long before the college was built in the 1800's. It was a Mansion long before Westminster College existed. Rumored to have been murdered.

Newberry - STEP building - Orbs, the uneasy feeling of being watched, objects being moved, mop buckets, small children’s hand prints on freshly cleaned glass, large shadows figures weird flashes of bluish purple light footsteps on floors about you when no one else is in the building

Newel - Quaker Cemetery - Many people claim to have seen and heard ghosts here.

Newtown - George School - a ghost of a Hessian soldier in the basement of the Tate house haunts the basement since he was buried in the basement of the school.

Newtown Square - Dog Kennel Road - supposedly a girl died on a bridge on that road and if you go there at night around 12:00am you are supposed to be able to see the girl sitting on the side of the bridge that she died on.

Nockamixion - Haycock - Top Rock Trail Road - Pa Rt.313 north (south from Quakertown, north from Doyelstown) turn right onto Rt.563 follow for a few miles then turn left onto Top Rock Trail. This turn is easy to miss! The road winds up this twisting hill through the countryside. Up on about the second bend, a pull off is on the side of the road that leads to a trail into the woods (some people was logging up in here). Following the trail up to the top of the hill reveals an amazing rock formation that has been used by Indians and supposedly a few cults that centered around animal torture. The Indian presence is documented and a historical fact, the cults are just here say. A feeling of disorientation is felt. At night "glowing" eyes/orbs of light can be seen in the woods. Also, you can hear the whelping of animals within the woods. There is definitely something here, and it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There is a gigantic "table top" rock that is to the left of the main formation, underneath of this is a few small crawl through that give an overwhelming feeling of despair.

Norristown - Norristown State Hospital - There are tunnels underground that connect to the buildings in the Norristown State Hospital. It is said that there are ghost in them of the deceased inmates of the hospital. Sometimes they escape and run around down there.

North East - Main St. -upstairs bedroom the sound of trumpets playing in the night and downstairs dinning room where nobody goes near.

Northampton - Raubsville - Hexankopf Rock - The ghost of a headless hunter, ghosts of witches, strange lights & sounds have all been reported there.

The Old Haggerty Mansion - Here there are reports of hearing a phone ringing in an upstairs bedroom that is somehow locked although their is no door-handle. Also, you can hear a woman crying in the same room. Supposedly, the ghost of the crying woman is a former owner of the house, her husband and her children were out running an errand and she had decided to stay home, the phone ringing was the police calling to tell her that her family had died in an accident.

Pennsylvaniaville - Kelly Road - Kelly Road, better known to the locals as Mystery Mile, has been fraught with strange occurrences for decades. Docile animals would become violent and chase people away. Tempers flare. The forest seems to come alive at night, with a variety of noises and spirits reported. Rumors abound as to the grigin of these events, but no one knows for sure. All that is known is that after you pass the one mile mark of Kelly Road, the strange phenomena stop, with no explanation. A popular theory is that the land is cursed by Native Americans who lost their homes when the 'white man' invaded.

Oil City - Oil Creek State Park - In the park there is a cemetary. On that road you can sometimes see a woman in a white dress who is sad to have hung herself in the woods. Other ghost have been spotted but people don't know who they are.

Oliphant Furnace - Powder Mill - A woman is heard screaming then landing with a thump over a rock.

Palmerton - Rusty Nail - An old bar called the Rusty Nail was said to have had the old owner hung in the doorway, when the other employees came in the morning he was hanging there with a knife in his back, it is said if you look at the old leather covered cabinet behind the bar you can clearly see the mans face, also doors slam sightings have been seen by many patrons in the old country bar.

Paradise - Pocono gardens lodge - A man was killed by a drowning in the outside pool of Pocono gardens and now he haunts the pool area and the lower rooms. Strange moving of statues have occurred in the pool area.

Patton - Bakers Crossroads - it is known that outside going towards Bakers Crossroads there has been an experience of a ghostly vision which seems to be that of a young girl known to have died in a car crash near the red barn on that road. Late at night is when she makes her presence known to people passing by.

Patton - Cambria Heights High School Auditorium - The story is said that a boy who had the lead in West Side Story got sick opening night and died. He still haunts the auditorium, but only helps people if they are not standing in the right place or if they fall. He likes to make noises by dropping things from the spotlight room.

Pavia - Cox's Monument- The legend goes that two children one was 5 and was one 7 went to take there dad lunch in the woods during winter when he was hunting. They got lost and fell asleep and froze to death. Then a guy had a dream about the little kids and where they were and they went and searched and they were there. Now they spirits walk among the woods.

Penninsula - Mutaine Town - A small area on the outskirts of the small town is reportedly haunted in many places. Among some of it's famous sights are Crybaby Bridge, the ghost train, the haunted cemetery, a haunted church, The Edge of the World, and the haunted slaughterhouse.

Perry - Livermore - city underwater, many ghostly people have been seen here, cemetery where ghosts have been seen, has the grave a Mike Myers a serial killer in the 1800's. Weird noises and things have been spotted.

Perryopolis - Quaker church - there is a small one room church that is in the middle of a cemetery and one of them has writing on it describing how a young women died and it is said that if you read it you will die the same death she did.

Philadelphia - James Martin School - This used to be a hospital and nursing school.. and at times you could see bloody hands and people in the mirrors. In the blocked off attic section you can look in the window from the outside and SEE a face. There are a few stories behind it. 1. The boys were cutting school and got stuck in the attic. 2. A mental patient went crazy and through himself out the window. 3. Mental patients went up into the attic and slit each others wrist. They ARE all possible reasons BUT there is something there AND THEY are all the reason for the man or woman in the window.

Philadelphia - Baleroy - a number of ghosts have been seen here including Thomas Jefferson.

Philadelphia - Bolton Mansion - the ghost of a woman searching the grounds have been seen as well as the ghost of a little girl.

Philadelphia - Bright Hope Baptist Church - Sounds of unsettlement have been heard behind the church after everyone leaves the building.

Philadelphia - Byberry Mental Hospital - Said to be haunted by the different patients that were mistreated in there. It was shut down for good in 1990 for poor living conditions and mistreatment of patients. People have gone into the catacombs only to run out crying. Its located by the Roller skate palace. Reports of screams bellowing from the basements.

Philadelphia - Eastern State Penitentiary - Eastern State is haunted by hundreds of prisoners that have been executed, beaten to death, or committed suicide. The most famous sighting is of a prisoner that killed 27 people in an attempted prison break. Reports of feelings of someone there, and dread, strange sounds and shadows or apparitions.

Philadelphia - Fort Mifflin - Three ghosts are here. A women in the ruins of the commanders house, she is called the screaming woman. Another one of a Civil war soldier, confederate in the casemates and another soldier without a face sewing in the casemates.

Philadelphia - Friends Hospital - Built in 1813 this building was the original patient quarters and home to the superintendent and his wife. It was said the female seen wandering in the halls bore a resemblance to a former hospital superintendent's wife. Also reports of hearing doors open and close when no one was around. Several third shift employees have heard a woman laughing on the first floor in the middle of the night. But could never find out where it was coming from. A security guard was making his rounds at night on the third floor when someone grabbed his shoulder. He turned around and there wasn't anyone there. The sources that experienced these events aren't the types to make things up.

Philadelphia - General Wayne Inn - This inn is home to more than 17 ghosts including Hessians, a ghost wanting his wives picture, a old owner, and a ghost singing.

Philadelphia - The Institute of Pennsylvania - Reports of the elevator opening with a loud noise and voices, and foot steps came from the elevator.

Philadelphia - Jeans Hospital - A few years ago Jeans Hospital was having financial difficulties and there were rumors that it would be bought out. It is said that Anna-May Jeans (founder of the hospital) began appearing to various members of the staff to show her disapproval of a buy-out.

Philadelphia - Orleans 8 Movie Theater - A little girl seems to be haunting the projection booth. Sometimes, late at night, you can hear the little girl giggling and asking to come play with her.

Philadelphia - Palmer Cemetery - A witness visiting a grave of a relative reports bring flowers to the grave. Upon feeling a strange feeling turned around to see if there was someone there, only to find no one. Turning back around to the grave, the flowers had vanished. Also, in this cemetery a teenage boy hung his self by the entrance and sometimes at night one of the streetlights come on and you can see him hanging from the branch that was cut down. When you walk past the cemetery you can see shadows running around and tons of orbs flying around. At times you can see a big white person holding a baby and staring out of the fence.

Philadelphia - St. Dominic’s Catholic School - there is said to be a ghostly presence in the graveyard.

Philadelphia - Saint Maria Goretti High School for Girls - Cold hands felt, a ghost roams the halls throughout the schools and that the statue in front of the school cries once a year.

Philadelphia - Saint Mary's Annex at Saint Joseph's University -In this converted convent, located on the fringes of the Saint Joseph's campus, many ghostly nuns have been seen walking the halls. People have also claimed to hear laughter, footsteps, and odd bumps in the night.

Philadelphia - The Civil War Library and Museum - Was feature on unsolved mysteries--net work tv. On the second floor, in the Lincoln Room, the spirits of soldiers have been seen playing cards.

Philadelphia - The old Penn Rynn Manor - Used to be the Biddle estate(as in Bailey, Banks and Biddle) It is right on the Delaware river. The story is that the original owners had a son that fell in love with one of the maids. This was looked down upon by the parents. The young lovers went down to the river and drowned themselves. The sightings have been of a lady on a white horse and a young man that would walk the path from the house to the water.

Philadelphia - Philadelphia University (Textiles)- When the university was a small Catholic school for girls, a nun supposedly hung her self in the top room of the mansion, after finding out she was impregnated by the father...Today, the attic is locked but people still see lights on or the figure of the nun standing up there...the old classrooms are now an all girls dormitory that has had countless incidences from noises to white fuzzy glowing balls appearing in pictures taken...when nothing was there...supposedly you can still see the nun if you sit on the hill in front of the mansion...she is said to walk there at sunrise.

Philadelphia - Roxborough - Leverington Cemetery - a very haunted site in Philadelphia, apparitions have been seen frequently

Philadelphia - Somerton - St. Andrews Church - Original Chapel - Next door to the newer church building is the older chapel, a white building now used mainly as an annex. Locals have reported seeing hazy white figures in and around the grounds, and have reported strange noises coming from the woods behind the buildings.

Philadelphia - University of the Sciences - Osol Hall - was originally a Psychiatric Institute. Legend goes, that a girl who was admitted there, went crazy because of mistreatment, and ended up killing herself on the 6th floor. Several years later, the Institute became a dormitory/apartment- like suites for students at USP. Several residents have heard strange noises, seen bathroom doors propped open after insuring they were closed shut while toilet seats would be put down if a resident was sure he left it up. Many resident's have gotten strange sensations and weird feelings.

Phoenixville - Death Hill - Dayton St – top of the hill - just over the hill there is a grave yard and it is said that the ghost come out of their graves in the middle of the night and switch spots with their buddies , also if you stand there and watch them they come and get you and put you in a grave...so be careful.

Phoenixville - Historical Seven Stars Inn - There are several spirits that have been sited on the grounds. The spirit of a young boy has been seen in an upstairs dinning room (formerly a guest room of the inn). The spirit of a middle age man has been seen on several occasions, always looking down the second floor stair well. He is believed to be a former owner who in his old age had fallen to his death in this stair well while supervising the cleaning ladies. The most prominent spirit is that of a woman who had hung her self in the third floor attic.

Pine Grove - Old State Road - There is to be a house that is haunted there that a old guy was hung there by construction workers when they went to redo the house. The rope the used is to be still there in the attic. It is said that there is a piano in the house that at times start to play on its own as you walk by the house. It is said that a lady that used to live there was possessed by the ghost of the old man .

Pitcairn - Beyond the Creek - If you walk back through the woods far enough, you come to an old bridge that connects you over a high fall to a creek. If you walk back that way and almost under the bridge you can see the "old man". The old man is thought to be the spirit of a child molester who used the woods for his crimes but when caught committed suicide. As you are walking throughout the high grass trails, he will turn from a trail ahead of you, and walk in your direction, he always bumps your arm as he passes you through the woods with his head down. If you attempt to chase back down the trail and find him again he will never be anywhere in the woods.

Pitcairn - Fairview Cemetery - Old, unmaintenced cemetery, said to be haunted by the elderly, always foggy for some reason.

Pitcairn - Johnson's Shadow Man - The woods to the northwest of Pitcairn Pa surround an old roadway known as Johnsons Road. Since the road has been closed, there has been many killings on the road. Over 5 bodies have been found on the road in 20 years. The woods are deep and thick, and it is said that voices, walking, and talking can be heard at night. A shadow like figure has been reported many times as being seen near the old reservoir, and the entrance at the Pitcairn side of the overgrown road. Pitcairn police advise not to travel the road, or go into the woods.

Pitcairn - The Main Path - The main path you take to get into the trails is connected still to the old path that people used to use to get back inot the wooden area, when walking out of the woods, and back to the city, you will hear the sound of footsteps constantly following you about 10 paces behind you. It doesn't matter how many times you stCp and look, as you walk you will be followed.

Pitcairn - The Sand Castles - The sand castle is the term for what is left of the old railroad buildings still located within these trails. It has been reported that at night, when the wind starts to pick up you can hear voices through the trees around you.

Pitcairn - The Trails - Located behind the old baseball fields in Pitcairn there is a large stretch of woods where there are many trails. This entire area is haunted by railroad workers of the late 1800's who died in various accidents in service to the railroad.

Pittsburgh - Baldwin - South Hills Bowl - White misty apparition

Pittsburgh - Blue Mist Road - On this road at night a bluish mist forms over the road. There is also a cemetery on this street. Two headstones touch every full moon. And when the full moon is over, they don't touch anymore.

Pittsburgh - Byers Hall, CCAC North Campus - Old mansion, turned administration building. Story has it the Byers family went out to a dinner party, left the baby home with the nanny. The nanny went to check up on the baby and she found the baby dead in her crib. The nanny was so distraught, she hung herself. The parents came home later that night and found the nanny hanging over the staircase and the ghost of their dead baby looking at her. The second floor is closed off, however there is a window you can look up into and some say that you can still see the nanny hanging there with the baby looking at her.

Pittsburgh - Carnegie Library - This library was built over a old cemetery and believed at night spirits haunt it.

Pittsburgh - Carlow College - Room 947 - Late at night, students have reported seeing misty apparitions. They also hear scratching noises on the walls. Lights have also be said to turn on by themsleves.

Pittsburgh - Cathedral of Learning - Unknown spirits haunt this building. This is mainly on the top floor of it.

Pittsburgh - Chatham College - In the basement of the Mellon building is a pool and bowling alley. It is known mostly to lifeguards that work at the pool. Andrew Mellon haunts the bowling alley, it is usually very cold in the room. One gets a very creepy feeling. If you don't want to experience anything don't bowl! At times the pins will resent themselves as if taunting you to keep playing.

Pittsburgh - Civic Arena - The neighborhood that was demolished to build the arena is said to come alive at night. The whole dome suddenly filling with the sounds of people, streetcars and car horns. Mario Lemieux, star player for the Pgh Penguins has said he’s seen shadowy guys in 1920s clothes mulling about in the halls.

Pittsburgh - Dixmont - This asylum will soon be turned into a Wal-Mart. Strange noises can be heard there. Be careful, they have video cameras and the police will arrest you.

Pittsburgh - Dixmont Mental Hospital - Lots of ghosts of formal mental patients who died there.

Pittsburgh - Duquesne University - St. Ann's Living Learning Center - Room 409 - A boy walks into the room and throws things around the room.

Pittsburgh - Frick mansion - is haunted by Sarah Frick.

Pittsburgh - Fort Pitt Museum(Point State Park) - The Battle of Grant's Hill was fought at this location during the French & Indian War in 1758.Security Guards have seen people on the monitors that were not there. Objects have disappeared from the museum. Strange sounds have been heard from empty parts of the museum. A re-enactor was murdered there during the early 1970's.

Pittsburgh - hell's tunnel - Apparitions of a noose that swings, hear a father calling for his son.

Pittsburgh - ICM School Of Business and Medical Careers - A woman use to work at ICM for 20 yrs ever since it opened, well no one liked her and she was going for a supervisor job but the administrators at that time threatened her to not take the position cause one of the ones that worked there wanted her husband as the Supervisor. Well, one day they all went up to her office at night and her door was shut, when they walked in she had a heart attack and died in the school. Ever since then she haunts the school at night a ghost apparition of a woman has been seen there roaming the halls at night.

Pittsburgh - John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center - This building, in the Stripped District of Pittsburgh, was once site of the Chautauqua Lake Ice Co, which exploded due to fire on February 9, 1898. The building has since been renovated and now houses the John Heinz History Center. Several staff members, including night security guards, have witnessed strange sights and sounds there. Most activity seems to center around the 5th floor (used as storage/archives) and the loading dock area. Spirits have been known to occupy and interact with the exhibits there. The History Center is open to the public 7 days a week from 10AM to 5PM (holidays excluded).

Pittsburgh - Kaufman's Department Store- The 10th floor is haunted by the disembodied footsteps of what is believed to be one of Major Grant's Highlanders who was killed in the battle where the hill once stood during the French & Indian War.

Pittsburgh - Kennywood Park - This isn't so much a report of a haunting as it is the clearing up of a false report. The report of the Steel Phantom ghost is completely inaccurate and just not possible as the Steel Phantom was built in the early 1990's, whereas Kennywood was built in 1898. This makes the stories time line false. I have personally never seen a news story involving any death with the building of the Steel Phantom.

Pittsburgh - Livermore Cemetery - Believed to be haunted by towns people who where killed in a flood. Apparitions of buildings have been reported. Cars that park nearby are said to have things missing after being parked there (license plates, antennas, hubcaps)

Pittsburgh - Mercy Hospital - a ghost of a caring nun haunts the 6th floor of the old building.(use to be Devine Mercy Hospital) the 6th floor was the OB department until the late 60s when it closed. Her name is believed to be Sister Mary Loretta. She is always looking out for staff and others. And she has been said to have been many times my patients at night who tell other staff members that a nun was in there room and brought them a blanket or a water pitcher. There are no nuns at mercy providence who care for patients anymore.

Pittsburgh - Mifflin Elementary School - but there has been 3 sightings of a green floating man in the music room. Also, during extra-curricular activities, a floating face has been seen. Strange lights, noises, and glowing have also been seen.

Pittsburgh - National Aviary - Civil War soldiers walk the halls at night.

Pittsburgh - North shore/Northside - Allegheny Center, Building #7 - It has a documented high turnover for students living there, which some say is due to a "bad vibe" the building gives off. It had several incidents of strange phenomenon ranging from cold spots, knocking/rapping, poltergeist like activity, and even visual sightings. The energy's also seem to not be concentrated in just one place, and move freely around the building. Wide majorities of people have reported experiences while living there. A student radio show around Halloween did a segment about the building, and it had several call-ins about strange occurrences at "Agony #7" (a student nickname given to the building). Many skeptics blame the activity on student recreational drug use, pranks, and people blowing easily explained occurrences out of proportion. But many skeptics have become believers.

Pittsburgh - North Side Childcare, North Ave - This used to be a supermarket in the 80's and a woman was shot in the face with a shotgun while shopping. Children have seen a headless woman walking inside the building

Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Playhouse - unknown spirits haunted this building.

Pittsburgh - Point Park College - Lawrence Hall - A student at living in Lawrence Hall on the 10th floor was said to be smoking a cigarette in her room and fell asleep with the cigarette left lit by her side. The room caught on fire trapping her in her room and killing her. Workers at the college cleaned and repainted the room. A new student moved in and 2 weeks the walls turned chard as if nobody ever painted them. Every year the walls are repainted and they continuously turn chard again. The room is no longer used.

Pittsburgh - Point State Park - For years, city police and the homeless have reported an array of night specters down here ranging from shapeless mists, coonskin frontiersmen, Indians and even George Washington.

Pittsburgh - "Old Main" Administration Building- Duquesne University - The Basement of "old Main" is said to be haunted by slaves, as it was a part of the Underground Railroad. Employees have been said to hear voices and moans. Lights go on and off and doors slam by themselves. Many unexplained happenings

Pittsburgh - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School - A nun that lived in the convent there many years ago had died and her ghost is said to walk the hall of the third floor of the main school building after school hours. Most of the people who have claimed to have seen her are ones who stay after for extracurricular activities. She has no face so she is known as the faceless nun. When she is seen, she is walking down the hall with her head bowed down and her hands folded as if she is praying. Every year, incoming freshmen within their first two weeks of classes are told the story of the faceless nun. Some don't believe it, yet a lot of students, past and present, as well as teachers, have claimed to see her.

Pittsburgh - Rolling Hills Country Club - The basement of the club is the original basement of an old farmhouse in which a man hung himself. The ghost was exorcised years ago, but there have still been sightings of the small man and many strange noises.

Pittsburgh - Sarah Heinz House Boys and Girls Club - This place is said to be haunted by 2 ghosts. On of which is Sarah Heinz who is what this building is named after, staff members said to have heard footsteps and saw flickering lights...and every so often they would hear very fait voices during the night. The other ghost is f a boy who died while playing basket ball in the gym, he was up on the balcony above the gym and was looking over into the gym and he accidentally fell, members and staff claimed to still hear a basketball bouncing even though there is nobody in the gym.

Pittsburgh - Shields House - Captain Shields haunts his former home.

Pittsburgh - Three Rivers Stadium - Famous sport stadium home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Supposed victim and fan was set on fire and hung and is said to haunt any road team that ventures into Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh - University Pittsburgh - 201 Bruce Hall - a dorm on the University Pittsburgh Campus is also supposed to be haunted. - November 2003 update: the story on the sight said that room 201 was haunted..it was actually found that the 12th floor of bruce hall was haunted..it was the former sight of the schenley hotel..and story has it that the wife and mistress of the owner committed suicide on the 12th floor. the 12th floor is no longer used for housing purposes and is simply office space. Odd happenings have been reported. At times the elevator in Bruce Hall will take you to the 12th floor no matter what floor # you press..sometimes it wont let you go back down for a few minutes.

Pittsburgh - Washington’s Landing (Herr’s Island) - George Washington almost drowned in the icy Allegheny river here. His spirit haunts the eastern end of the island, sometimes on horseback.

Pittsburgh - William Penn Hotel - The unused 22nd and 23rd floor are haunted. Was a female dormitory for a while early in the century. There was a murder in there. Night watchman report, gusts of cold wind, (windows not open), feeling the presents of people watching and unusual sounds of laughter and feet shuffling.

Pittston - Suscon Road - Road where woman and child were killed on their way to a hospital. Said to be haunted by the mother. 18 Streetlights are on this road, however there are constantly 11 out, but never the same 11.

Plum - Hanky Church Road - There is a cemetery on Hanky Church Road that is haunted. Visitors of this cemetery have reported dozens of strange events. Feelings of weightlessness, numbness, possessions, headstones and trees that glow, and cloud-like apparitions are just a few. There is also a gravestone shaped like a tree trunk that is believed to be the center of activity.

Portvue - McKeesport - Spotlight lounge - Many spirits haunt the spotlight lounge in Portvue. There are so many spirits and unusual things that happen. There are a lot of mirrors behind the bar and up on a stage. There are many spirits that can be seen if you look into the mirrors. It is hard to describe them they are there dancing and partying as if they were not dead. You can sit at the bar and here someone walk down the steps open the door walk towards the bathrooms but no one entered. Many ghosts haunt this place. Most of them ones who frequented the place when they where alive.

Potter's Mills - Eutaw House - It has been rumored that the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe still exists at the Eutaw house restaurant. This is a historic inn/restaurant in Central Pa with a history of hauntings. While researching ghost stories of PA for an article, my mother and I went to talk to them about this "haunting". Shortly after we left, the horse bells on the dining area door began to ring and several people reported feeling "unusually uncomfortable and watched" when they went upstairs to the restrooms.

Pottsville - Pottsville Cemetery - Candlelight is often seen floating the day before a body is to be buried.

Raccoon - Mount Zion Cemetery - Strange fogs/mists and orbs have been reported.

Radnor - Cabrini College - Used to be an estate owned by John Dorrance, and his daughter. It is said that his daughter fell in love with Xavier, who was the stable boy. (Xavier Hall is the name of one of the dormitories there.) The Dorrances were quite wealthy, and John did not permit his daughter to see Xavier any longer. Xavier hung himself in Grace Hall, which used to be a stable. Mr. Dorrance's beloved daughter threw herself over the balcony in the mansion. She is often seen wearing a blue or white dress, and has long blonde hair. On the night of the first snowfall she can be found in front of Woodcrest, looking for her child that she killed. Mr. Dorrance can be seen walking on one of the driveways. He wears a top hat and a long black cape. Students driving on this driveway have seen him as a solid person who seems to appear from nowhere in front of the car. Whomever is driving hits, and runs him over. (The impact has been felt by the passengers and driver) When the driver gets out to see who they hit and to survey the damage to the car, there is no one behind the car, no damage to the car, but there are footprints in the snow along the driveway.

Radnor - Radnor hotel - Formally the St. David's Inn, the Radnor Hotel has had some very disturbing hauntings. One in particular is suite 309, where a ghost appears in the ceiling above the master bed and then proceeds down the wall to the door and then vanishes into the hallway. Some guests have even seen her presence in the hallway in the wee early morning hours. And still others have heard noises coming from the room when the room is vacant.

Reading - Albright College - Smith Hall - There was a girl that killed herself on the 1st floor in Smith Hall. Students have heard footsteps in the hall but no one was there. Someone used dowsing rods (to detect spiritual activity) on the 1st floor and they crossed in front of the girl's room, which she killed herself in.

Reading - Albright College - Selwyn Hall - The third floor of Selwyn Hall, an ex-sorority house (but now it serves as a variety of things-health clinic, admissions, facilities, etc.), is said to be home to the ghost of a girl who committed suicide there. The details of the exact circumstances surrounding her death aren't very well known, as the involved sororities keep it as hushed as possible. But the rumor of the motivation behind the suicide was the girl being rejected from the sororities and therefore taking her life.

Reading - Central Catholic High School - People have heard chains rattle & have seen the locks on the lockers spin by themselves. The power often goes out for unknown reasons. Electric companies have come and have no idea why the power is/was out. Also the family of Mr. Luden was killed too. The wife and daughter in the basement (also known as the dungeon to the students) and Mrs. Luden was killed on the 2nd or third floor. The son hanged himself on the wooden stairs. Also the chains people hear are from another son, who was chained in the attic. One final thing is that some nights you can hear Mr. Luden's piano playing. The piano isn't in the room anymore but the sound still occurs there.

Reading - Emily's Pub - Ghost of a former resident of this old house now turned restaurant. She is a teenager named Emily who is seen in the wine cellar and the 2nd floor banquet

Reading - Pendora Park - In the past 30 years, 4 people have jumped or fallen off of the Viaduct, the bride over Pendora. There have been reports of screaming and crying, and visions of people falling/jumping.

Reading - St. Ignatius Loyola School - About 3 years ago around exam week, a young man stayed after school to study. When he was done studying he waited outside for his ride, but his mom never came. The phones were out and he was all-alone. The next day the police found his body in the library. It was mangled and gross. They never said how exactly he died. They say if your there the phone will ring, and no one will be there, things being written on walls, and people even have heard and seen him running away. If you feel a cold spot, remember this school doesn't have air conditioning! Some people say if you say his name in the dark you will see glowing eyes. His name was Jerry.

Reading - St. Mary's Catholic School - The Bathrooms in the lower hall of the school seem to be haunted. The door bangs in the Boys bathroom and a bloody handprint appears on the wall. You can hear a moan and it sometimes will give chase.

Reading - The Majestic Theater - People have seen the vision of an old woman walking across the balcony.

Reading - Vito's Pizza - The Pizza Shop of Vito's is said to be haunted by an unknown spirit.

Reading - Whit-Mar Inn - On the Pottsville Pike north of Reading. The ghosts of an old woman and an Indian have been spotted peering from the windows. The old lady's ghost would slam doors shut, turn the lights off and on, along with the air conditioner at times. Murry also claims that he has seen the ghostly figure of an Indian in the back of the building.

Ridgway - Oakmont Cemetery - At 3:00 a.m. the spirits walk the graveyard. And some of the are not rested yet.

Ringtown - Ringtown Elementary School - The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade doors open. Things get thrown by invisible hands and reports of red glowing eyes in the basement.

Roaring Spring - Paper Mill - There is a bridge right before you go into the paper mill and a guy once died there. If you go over the bridge, stop in the middle, turn your car off and leave your lights on, it is said that the mans spirit comes up from the running water.

Root Hollow - Margaret Hollow Road - Several people have seen the spirit of a young woman who was murdered and thrown under the bridge at the beginning of the road in a burlap sack. She is seen sitting on the bridge looking down in shame, shaking her head.

Rosemont - Rosemont College - Reports of apparitions and slamming of doors throughout the night.

Sandy Lake - The furnaces - The furnaces used to be an old steel mill that burnt over 50 yrs. ago. Many of accidents happened taking many lives, so it is said to be haunted by the workers who died there. If you visit the furnaces during the winter you can see foot prints, shadows, and things leaping from tree to tree, over 100 yard distance. As you go down the hill it gets much colder, until you get directly into the furnaces, and then you feel it get warmer. Many of nights the restless spirits will chase you out and give you a real fright.

Saxonburg - Clinton Elementary - Some people who have gone to Clinton claim of seeing weird ghostly white figures, moans, and groans throughout the building. Now it is closed & another guy owns it to keep extra food for his restaurant and he claims to have seen weird figures of a girl and boy inside the 3rd grade classroom hugging.

Sayre - Pelachik House - The ghost of a murdered constable still patrols the Pelachik house. This was a house of ill repute in the early 1900's.

Scranton - West Mountain Sanitarium - A long while back the Tuberculosis patients were sent there to live and be treated. During a massive fire hundreds of patients died and are believed to haunt the place.

Scenery Hill - The Century Inn - This is the oldest inn along Route 40. In the restaurant of this bed and breakfast, there is a very cold room. The innkeeper said she had seen someone at the door nearby, the cold is not caused by a draft, and she has trouble keeping that door locked. Directly down the hill from that room, mysterious footprints leading away from the inn wall have appeared in the snow.

Schuylkill - Rest Haven Nursing Home (Old building) - Sightings of a Man in a long black jacket (minister), the devil boy, a little girl, and the dark room eyes. A minister who walks behind witnesses is sometimes seen. The 'devil' boy/man is a very small person who appears in dark rooms. He's the mischievous one. Sightings of a little girl walking the halls and then disappearing.

Schuylkill - Schuylkill County Jail - This jail has a lot of history. But the handprint on the wall is beyond eerie. In the 1870's a man was found guilty of murder and sentenced to be hanged. He claimed he was innocent as he pressed his sweat and dirt covered hand against the wall. He swore to prove his innocence he handprint will remain for eternity. After replacing that portion of the wall years later the handprint resurfaced.

Scranton - Washburn Street Cemetery- in the back of the cemetery by the woods if you listen close enough, standing next to a grave, and yell loud and then listen, you can here voices telling you to be quite!

Selinsgrove - Digestion Campus Theatre - Susquehanna University - Reports of Charlie the ghost walking along the catwalks, appearing in the audience,

Selinsgrove - Susquehanna University - Blough-Weiss library- In the basement of this library many student workers have felt a presence and seen an apparition while working late at night. The room the students are working in becomes cold after the sighting of the apparition. Unsure of whom the apparition may be but student research is in progress.

Shamokin - Old D.E Jones Building - In The Old D.E Jones Building Several People Claim to have heard in the basement sounds of footsteps walking through water, electricity failure (all the lights in the basemebt blew out each 1 day apart) signs on the wall (two Diamonds stacked on top of each other) and then one day the top Diamond Disappeared, Orbs found in several pictures and in one picture a face can be found.

Shanksville - Somerset County - Crash Site of United Flight 93 - **WARNING - APPROACHING THE CRASH SITE IS NOT ADVISED. GUARDS WILL MAKE YOU TURN AROUND AND GO HOME IMMEDIATELY. GENERALLY, TRESPASSING IS ADVISED AGAINST. BE RESPECTFUL. ** - Night security guards at the crash sight have reported unexplainable things throughout their night watch there, including what sounds like a large group of people walking and talking. Almost every night, the door to their security trailer was knocked on. They would open the door to find no one there. Recent photos taken at a small memorial set up there revealed SEVERAL orbs. One of the guards heard a man's voice in the cab of his truck ask, "So What now?" This was reported on by Johnstown, PA's news station WJAC.

Shillington - Shillington Social Quarters - Bartenders, Trustees and Patrons have reported hearing and seeing things. A trustee was in the second floor office with the door open and was the only one in the building with all the doors locked. As he was doing paper work he heard a man’s voice behind him saying "help me". A bartender was done for the night with the doors locked and he being the only one in was just getting finished cleaning the bar. As he was done he threw the cleaning rag in the middle of the bar turned to hang the cleaning bottle and as he turned to switch off the TV he heard a noise behind him, as he turned to look, the bar rag was laying in the middle of the floor and the cleaning bottle was swinging back and forth. Also, apparently the ghost likes to play in the women’s bathroom by locking the doors and turning the water on. Reportedly, a man of age had died of a heart attack at this establishment.

Shillington - VanS' sandwich shop - A former employee reported seeing a teenage girl hanging and gutted at the top of the staircase. The basement is now closed off.

Slateford - Slateford Bridge - Story goes that when 2,500 foot long cement bridge (now supporting defunct rail lines) was being built in 1911 by black laborers, one of the men from a pouring crew fell in, pouring could not be halted, and he was literally buried alive. Today the spirit of the unidentified man is heard and sometimes seen around the old bridge. People who walk across it both during the day and at night get feelings that they are being followed by someone.

Slippery rock - Deadmans Bridge - If you go back St. Johns road in Slippery Rock and stop on the bridge where a husband and wife were killed in a tragic wagon accident you shall see car headlights coming at you and hear a car but the car disappears and you hear screams coming at you closer and closer and.

Slippery Rock - Miller Auditorium - This Theater was named after Emma Guffey Miller, who is believed to be the ghost that haunts the place. There is often strange banging or pounding noises heard and when people go to see what the noise is, no one is there. The lights also flicker and go out during rehearsals. The students started the tradition of hiding "Baby" somewhere on the stage during performances to keep Emma from sabotaging the show. Baby started out as a whole baby doll, but has degenerated to a charred mutilated head. It is rumored that if Baby is not present, the show will be a disaster.

Slippery Rock - North Hall - Emma Guffey Miller, the ghost of Miller Auditorium, was also said to have haunted North Hall at night. She has been seen by some crossing the sidewalks over to the hall, and watching over people in their rooms as they sleep. Many people have also unexplainably had their doors Open in the middle of the night, despite them being locked. It is thought to be good luck if she watches over you.

Smithton (Van Meter) - Darr Mine - The Darr Mine was the site of a one of the worst Mining disasters in the United States, on Dec. 19, 1907, that killed 239 Miners. Male voices have been heard at night and it sounds as if they are arguing although it's all gibberish (most of the dead were of eastern European origin, could they be bickering in Hungarian or some other Slavic language that witnesses are not familiar with?). Photographs taken at the sight often have smoky images swirling about when developed. One witness unaware that this sight was even haunted, had a an invisible entity breath the words "Oh God!" directly into his ear very loudly, while he was collecting firewood for a riverside campfire. This site is located right alongside of the Youghigheny Bike Trail a few hundred yards south of the mining village of Van Meter.

Somerset - Windber - Mine 40 - Weird noises like dogs barking and no dogs are around. When walking through the actual buildings you can hear someone following you through the buildings even though no one is around, and at times you hear someone whispering the name of your friends. The Ghost of the Night Miner is supposedly haunting the railroad tracks around night. Very creepy in the day, and eerie at night!!!

Sonestown - Hoot Rd/Main St. - The sound of a man's footsteps in the attic of this early Victorian period house (built circa 1836) has been reported by many of it's past residents, along with mysterious voices. The home has been said to have been renovated around 1880, and again around 1930. It is rumored, but not confirmed, that this was the home of a Civil War soldier who was killed in battle and returns to his home looking for his family. This same soldier has also been seen at night guarding the Sonestown Covered Bridge.

South Park - Green Man's Legend & Green Man's Tunnel - There is a legend of a man who was walking one of the deserted roads in South Park and he was struck by lightening. He died and is said to still walk the deserted country roads. This tunnel can be seen from the road and is no longer in use. Years ago, an electrician was working on the tunnel lights when he became electrocuted and died. He now haunts the tunnel and surrounding area. It is said to have a green glow.

Spring City - Pennhurst Mental Hospital - This mental hospital was shut down due to patient abuse. The medical buildings are probably where most of the worst stuff happened there.

Spring City - Pennhurst State Hospital Complex- parts of which have now been converted into a Veterans State Hospital by former Governor Ridge. No matter where you go in these buildings you can hear people talking and moving around, even though you are quiet. You can feel the energy of many people surrounding you, although none of it is negative. Nature sounds are not to be heard, although woods surround Pennhurst. The grounds are protected by Military Police and the have camp set up in the middle of the layout. - No Trespassing.

St. Benedict - The Foxburg Inn - In the dining area, the first booth to your right has a table cloth. The table is supposedly haunted and the table cloth has been seen just flying off of the table, with no one sitting there, knocking off even the ash tray.

St. David's - Eastern College - There have been several sightings of figures dressed in black that seem to disappear. Please include my email - for if anyone else has seen any unusual events at this college they could email them to me.

St. David’s - Eastern University - Eastern University - Diane Hall - a girl hung herself in Diane Hall's 3rd floor bathroom, and the girls on the floor have seen rope appear in the stalls, and have had experiences during which someone sees only feet hanging below the stall doors.

St. David’s - Eastern University - Walton Hall - A girl hung herself is Walton Hall's 4th floor in the 1970's. Its still completely closed up to this day. There are Occasionally lights and notice from up there.

St. Mary’s - Fourth Street - Back in the early years of the town, a railroad track used to sit where now a creek runs. The train one night hit the conductor’s house which sat next to the tracks and destroyed everything, including the family. The house, which was rebuilt, burned to the ground, and the house across the street also burned years later. If walking at night on this street, you may hear the train coming, or the sounds of the conductor’s family. The feeling of being watched walking past the creek has also been noted.

St. Peter's - Harmonyville Farm Bed & Breakfast - "Person" seen standing outside of shower in "Summer Kitchen" cottage. Painting of woman in cottage was glaring and frowning at beginning of visit, and when visitors (friends of mine) left a day early, she appeared to then be smirking. At one point, one of the visitors couldn't get the door to the Summer Kitchen open to get out, and just as she was about to give up, it clicked and opened. They constantly felt as though the walls were closing in, and did not realize that both of them were experiencing the same things until they talked in the car on their way out of there. General overall "creepy, claustrophobic" feeling about the place.

St. Peter's - St. Peter's Inn - While alone you will here the baby cry, or while upstairs on 2nd floor you'll here the creaking and sounds of the ghost that hung herself years ago.

St. Peters Village - St. Peterson Inn - every once in a while you can see the ghost of a sick old hunch backed man walk through the hallways of this. He is even seen some times walking down the street

Stanley - Clearfield County - Railroad Tracks - At least two persons have seen a white train traveling the railroad tracks and disappearing. One witness late in the evening saw the train clearly enough to notice its unusual color and that boxcar doors were open in violation of regulations. But when he came to the crossing, the train was gone! The village was once a well-known stop along the railroad route.

State College - Pennsalvania State University - Schwab Auditorium - is supposedly haunted by a few separate ghosts. One of them may be Charles Schwab. The other may be President Atherton who was president of the school and is buried beside the building. There has also been a soldier seen. An article about this was written in the last alumni newsletter. - January 2004 update/ correction - The second most famous haunted place on campus, Schwab Auditorium is supposedly haunted by the ghost of President Atherton, the first president of the university. His grave is right behind the building, with a memorial and a bench where his widow is supposed to have sat for days on end after his death. When plays and other performances are held, the performers sometimes tell stories of footsteps, outlines of a man, things being moved, and so forth.

State College - Pennsalvania State University - Central Pattee Library - Odd feelings of a presence and being watched felt by students on top floor of central Pattee (Murder of librarian years ago?) - January 2004 update/ correction - the #1 ranked haunted place at Penn State, Pattee Library was the site of a murder in 1967. A girl named Betsy (a student employee) was found dead on the first basement level. As spooky as that is, though, most of the ghostly events that happen in the Library aren't related to her at all. Workers and Students report that there have been strange screams echoing up from the basement levels, transparent girls thumbing through books, disembodied glowing red eyes, book carts being moved without anyone present, and all sorts of other phenomena.

State College - The Lemont House - In the small town of Lemont (in state college), there are many large Victorian houses. At the first intersection, under the street there is a tunnel used by the under ground rail road and it connects to several houses. In the Lemont house (the tunnel begins here) there is said to be the ghost of a woman, who supposedly either died or killed herself when her husband died. The house was a present for her wedding and she was so heart broken she refused to live there. Her father built her another house down the street. There are many secret passageways etc.

Stateline - Stateline United Methodist Parsonage House - People who live in this house have unexplainable illness, Doors lock, black images and all kinds of sound have been heard. Bothers woman mostly.

Strasburg - The Goodrich House - Reports of being choked, not being alone, hearing voices and seeing apparitions.Strasburg Experience

Strasburg - Main Street - Carriage said to contain the soldiers returning home on leave during the Civil War is sometimes seen traveling through town.

Sullivan - Moultry County Court House - Strange lights, the sound of footsteps after hours, and the sounds of a man pleading for his life.

Summit Hill - Summit Hill Cemeteries - All year-round, but mainly in the Fall and Winter, a headless specter can be seen crossing the cemetery lots , holding a red lantern. This has been going on for generations.

Swiftwater - Indian Falls - large light above the falls, sounds. Indians were thrown off the falls.

Swiftwater - Mount Airy Lodge - Room 7664 at the now closed hotel was rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who was killed by her husband in one of the honeymoon rooms. Also, it is said that the previous owner, Emil Wagner (who committed suicide about 4 years ago) could be heard in the dining room of the hotel early in the morning. Also before the closing of the hotel last October, there were abnormal occurrences in the hotel.

Swiftwater - Swiftwater Inn - One of the most feared in its evolution, people from other states have heard of this paranormal place. Unsolved mysteries did a program on this evil place and it blew the doors off camera crew.

Swissvale - LG Graphics - A ghost of a man frequents this place, we are unsure as to his identity and why he's there, but he's known to open and close doors. The sound of footsteps in the basement from the first floor and the sound of a stack of papers falling on the second floor but when you go upstairs, nothing has been touched.

Tamaqua - Elks Lodge - This is a rather well known haunting in the Tamaqua area.... apparitions will appear, objects move, disembodied voices, all the classic haunting activity.

Tamarack Swamp - Used to be a small town but sank in the swamp. Apparitions & sounds of former residents through the entire area.

Tannersville - Tannersville Inn - It is said that a man in his late 30's early 40's was hit by a car and left to die. This happened right behind the inn. Today he haunts a bedroom on the top floor. People said they have seen him laying on the bed and sitting on the couch. They used to have the doorway and windows boarded-up.

Tilden Township - Five Locks. - A heavy mist appears across the canal and starts to form in the shape of a young woman, This can be seen on a Midnight drive only when the moon is full, On a semi warm night.

Tobyhanna - Route 611 - Back in the 70s a man was walking home from a bar on a foggy night. Just before the railroad overpass he was hit by one of my mothers friends. Now on late foggy nights you can see him walking around the overpass.

Torrance - The Old Torrance State Mental Hospital - The grounds of this old hospital are believed to be haunted. People have claimed to see former residents roaming the grounds and buildings. Elevators have even been known to open at will along with slamming doors. - !!!WARNING!!!! The elevators are no longer there and also, only one door, which is lodged shut with a board. - Loud noises heard when walking through. Things happening to cars. i.e. windshield wipers being turned upside down. An overall cold and bad feeling about the place. The basement has an eerie feel to it, very cold in the room with the furnace. If you dare you can try to walk around the second floor (which there is no elevator to only a stair case that is missing many steps) the floor is very thin in the second floor so be careful not to fall through and get hurt) - Update: There is a story of a little girl who'd been born by a woman residing in the hospital. One day, the girl came to visit her mother and it was reported that she had been murdered by security officers, or something of the like. This was said to have happened in the mortuary of the building. Her ghost is said to run the halls near the mortuary, giggling and laughing, as if she were playing a hide and seek game, also said to be looking for her mother. Another story is that an upstairs room is haunted by an old woman who resided in a room at the end of the hall. This room was the only "private" room, with door, and the only with a balcony entrance. If you enter this room, it’s said that you can hear her rocking in her chair.

Tyrone - Baughmans Cemetery - It is a cemetery that goes around in a circle up in the middle of nowhere. If you go up there on full moon nights you can see the outline of people hanging in the trees. If you go up there on any night the wind is not blowing on the way up but as soon as you get there the wind starts blowing. Or sometimes you might get chased out of the cemetery by a light misty figure or a white horse.

Tyrone - Janesville Pike - The story behind this, Is that a woman died in a car wreck on her wedding night, And the woman is still searching the area for her husband. There's an area a few miles up Janesville pike where the guard rails end, there’s a small yellow sign, And a small area where you can pull off the road.. Your supposed to drive up to this area, Get out of your vehicle, Light a match and while the wind blows the match out you say her name, Sylvia.. Drive back down the mountain and do this three times and after the third match blows out, She is supposed to appear wearing a white wedding dress.

Tullytown - Bordentown Road - "Midnight Mary" has been seen gliding or walking along Manor Lake on Bordentown Road. She has been seen gliding across the road or walking on the water . Sometimes she is also seen hitchhiking in a dripping wet prom gown. She is a ghost of a young girl who died coming back from the prom when the car which she was riding in when of the road and into Manor Lake. The girl's body was never found.

Tyrone - railroad tracks - There have been many sightings of an old women searching for her family. Her family was pushed on the railroad tracks just as an on coming train swept by and there bodies were never found. The old lady hung her self in a house not to far from he tracks. In a road called Fowler Hollow a mile or so back, the body was taken to a morgue and the blood stains were covered up by new boards and the blood still can be smelled on certain nights.

Uniondale - Lewis Lake - A long time ago, a young Native American and her white lover were in a fight, and, in a jealous rage, her boyfriend murdered her. At the dam, there is a fallen tree in the woods that overlooks the falls, and if you are out there late at night, you will see her sitting on the log, crying. Her boyfriend suddenly rushes her, and shoves her off, before they both vanish into thin air. On many nights, this happens on a continuous loop.

Uniontown - Allen's Farm - Allen's farm has an annual "Allen's Haunted Hayrides". Every year they take people through and at the very end everyone goes through a barn. The barn is very old, like a few hundred years. The barn stands on top of the hill at the farm. Apparently the barn has been haunted for centuries. There have been numerous sightings. They have had a radio station from Pittsburgh stay overnight there and they have had experiences. One year all of the people that work at the haunted hayride left the barn completely claiming that something had happened. Til this very day the owner Rick Allen will claim that his old barn is very much indeed haunted.

Uniontown - Fayette County Courthouse -People used to be hanged in Fayette County on the clock tower of the courthouse. It is said that the last person who hanged there proclaimed to be innocent. Right before his sentence, he swore that none of the four clocks in the tower would ever be the same time again in order to justify his innocence. To this day, no matter how many times the four clocks are synchronized, they are still different times by at least five to ten minutes.

Upper Darby - Swedish Cabin - This is a place of unexplainable evil. In the early morning (between 12:00am and 4:45am sharp, they have good clocks) you can hear the screams of small children, the sounds of animals being tortured, and see strange figures in the woods. The cabin has committed random acts of the paranormal. Many people have seen floating flames, heard jack-in-the-boxes, heard music boxes, and many more unexplainable things. Watch yourself if you underage, the cops in Upper Darby will take you to jail.

Upper Darby - Upper Darby High School - There is a spirit haunting the Performing Arts Center Theatre which is said to be of a young boy who hanged himself because he was tormented by evil spirits which live in the attic of the theatre. Actors and theatre technicians there have witnessed a hanging body in the shadows and have encountered many strange things like moving boxes and hearing noises. Lamps in storage tend to smash for no reason.

Valley Forge - Valley Forge National Park - Several different occurrences have been known to happen at this is the famous war site. Spirits of dead soldiers are most often seen standing on "earthwork" or setting off canons. Late at night phantom musket shots can be heard echoing throughout the entire park.

Villanova - Villanova University - Alumni Hall - Aside from the abnormal creaks in the floors and walls when no one is nearby, at least four known students have complained about waking up in the middle of the night and being 'held' by some force. The students could not move their arms or legs for a period of roughly 5 minutes when, abruptly it stopped and everyone was free to move again. It was a Civil War hospital in the 1860's. Three counselors and a teenage camper all claim to have heard a woman's voice call their respective names at around between 3:15 and 3:30 AM. Many of the instances happened when there was no one there. Counselors have been threatened of be fired if they tell any of the students. In addition footsteps can be heard at all times of the night when there is no one in the vicinity.

Villanova - Villanova University - St. Mary’s Hall - St. Mary's Hall used to be a convent. Rumors of a nun that hung herself. Today St. Mary's is believed to be haunted by both students and night shift custodial workers. One nighttime janitor claimed to have heard a radio blaring from behind a closed door, and upon entering the vacant room, the music stopped and the janitor discovered the radio was unplugged! Several janitors also have reported hearing what sounds like water splashing from someone swimming in the St. Mary's pool at all hours of the night. However, upon entering the poolroom, no one is present, and the water in the pool is still. This has happened on more than one occasion. As well as hearing a piano being played in the music room, and no one is there. security guards have also claimed to have heard banging on the walls and doors coming from the kitchen in St. Mary's Hall. The odd thing about all of these occurrences is that they took place during the university's "off-season", when students have left the campus for the semester and the dorms are unoccupied.

Walnutport - The Canal - the lady in white, is said to be a woman in her late 50s that can be seen walking along the canal and has been seen floating on the water. Usually seen by the lock tenders home.

Warminster - Craven Hall - A young man dressed in 1700's clothing has been seen through the windows of the first floor. He also bangs on windows late at night as if trying to escape. It is believed that the body of the young soldier is buried on the grounds of Craven Hall.

Warminster - Hartsville – Bucks - Hartsville Inn - The site is a very old building from around the civil war era. There are tunnels from the underground railroad where travelers would pass through. They are said to be sightings of ghosts. It then was a restaurant/hotel and then closed in the late 90's. Became a haunted house for Halloween, now closed. Lights have also been reported flickering.- December Update: The house is still there, but they are building a bunch of office buildings all around it. The submitter to the update is not sure about the maids house next store, you cant see it from the road. They would no longer advise going to the house now because it looks to be in bas shape, some work being done to it. Also with all the construction going on it may not be safe.

Warminster - Mike's York Street Bar & Grill (formerly the Warminster Inn) - In 1791 a woman named Penelope was raped and murdered and if you're alone in the attic at 12:00 midnight, the lights will go out and her ghost will circle the building.

Warren - Warren Area Student Union - The student union, which was formally an armory, is said to be haunted by a man killed in the shooting range when his gun backfired and a pile of ammunition exploded. There have been several sightings of the spirit in the basement, which is where the shooting range was.

Warrendale - Brush Creek Inn - This old hotel is plagued with spirits. Bottles in the bar will unexpectedly shatter or hurl across the room. Beds upstairs will flip over with nobody in the room. Windows open and close by themselves.

Warrendale - Northgate Drive - This once main road is haunted by a phantom muscle car that cracked up drag racing here.

Warrington - Mara Bella's - many stories to tell of a woman dressed in white. Other stories are of dishes falling while no one is around, and the smoke alarms going off and the ventilation system kept sending out dust only in the historic room, which had the original walls and floors from the 1700s.

Washington - Washington and Jefferson College President's House - The President's house on W&J campus is haunted by the ghost of a confederate officer. The original family that owned the house were southern sympathizers during the civil war and took in a wonder confederate officer. He hid out in the house for a while before he was captured and hung. The ghost walks the upstairs hallway pacing between the top of the stairs and the front window looking for Union soldiers. Activity increased when the current president took office, it is said the ghost is angry because the president is from Boston.

Waymart - Cercilly Rd. - The more known name of the road is Gravity Hill. The story goes...there used to be railroad tracks at the bottom of the road and there was a school bus filled with children and their bus stalled on the railroad tracks and all the kids died. If you go to this road and put power on your bumper and you put your car in neutral the kids push you back UP THE HILL. After stopping at the top you can get out of your car and see the handprints of little kids on your bumper.

Waynesboro - Renfrew Park - Reports that there has been people seeing the two ghosts of the Renfrew sisters ghosts with bloody heads that were looking for their scalps. They were killed washing clothes at the creek and two Indians had come up to get their scalps. The two were buried in the old cemetery of Waynesboro and had unmarked graves. The Renfrew's house is still standing today and along with both with their barn and garden.

Waynesburg - Waynesburg College - The cemetery behind Burns Hall is said to be haunted by many spirits. As many Burns Hall students say, outside voices are heard followed by strong gusts of wind and sometimes, even flashing lights are seen out in the distance of the cemetery late at night.

West Brownsville - Nemacolin Castle - A maid that fell down the stairs of the castle tower is said to still haunt the castle. There are also several other reported sightings. They have extensive documentation and photos of orbs and such and will share them with you if you ask them.

West Chester - Chester County Historical Society - Part of this building was built on an old graveyard. It was also a site on the Underground Railroad. Many visitors to and employees of the Historical Society museum have reported hauntings. Some people speculate that the hauntings are from runaway slaves who were murdered on the Underground Railroad. I have a photo of the building and part of the old graveyard if you need it.

West Chester - Ground Round restaurant - Employees report that a young girl choked and died years ago when the building was under different ownership. There are reports of moving objects and lights being turned on and off.

West Chester - Spring City - Pennhurst State Hospital and School - It is said that on nights of the full moon you can hear the voices of those that where inmates of Pennhurst howl madly at the moon.

West Chester - West Chester University - Ramsey Hall - is haunted by Dorothy Ramsey. Phillips Hall is haunted by several ghosts who like to perform on stage.

West Chester - West Chester University - Hollinger Field House - Haunted by the Ghost of Drutz. Back in the early 20's, there was a student who hung himself on the fourth floor stairwell on homecoming weekend, and is said to appear each year at homecoming, and if encountered he will CRUSH his victims

West Sunbury - McKinney Hollow - In between the elementary school and a house if you stand in the right spot the wind blows an opposite way and you can here children singing Row Row Your Boat.

Westfield - Prichard Hollow Road - Moaning, crying, and semi-quiet screaming can be heard on the Plant's parking lot and nearby houses yard. Things looking like 3-Dimensional shadows, (Nicknamed "Shades"), have been seen running through the parking lot, down the road, and hiding behind trees. Eerie feelings of being watched, somehow sensing a dog nearby, and even low growls can be heard day or night. Only seems to happen around 11:00 pm on cool nights.

Westmoreland - Elizabeth Township - Sticktown - Sticktown is a rumored ghost town. There was an old Slag mill & a cemetery. Rumored Large amounts of paranormal activity also of people coming up missing in this area and reappearing weeks later not remembering their experiences there. The area is not easily accessible as it is gated off from the top of the hill. There is a large antenna at the top of the hill with lights on it. It is a great marker for the sight. It can also be accessed from the walking trails below. - WARNING There are rumored to be packs of wild dogs, please use caution.

Westmoreland - Sutersville /Shaner - The Church - Located in Sewickley Township, PA off Mars Hill Road. This is a location of a very old church that was burned down. There are many rumors that the church was used in the occult and that people and animals where killed there. The hillside which is now over grown is a cemetery and the ground is real soft there so watch your step if you enter this area. The church is not really accessible by vehicle you have to walk up the hill. When you get to the top of the hill you will see the steps the foundation and the alter of the church that is all that remains. Paranormal activity is very high in this location and there are many other haunts in this area.

Westmoreland - Torrance - Torrance State Hospital It is an old mental hospital where mental people were tortured. It is known that ghosts roam the hallways screaming for the mercy of their life as they were being tortured. In the basement you can see ghosts hanging from the hooks they were put on, as they were tortured. November 2003 update: Torrence has been torn down because of people going in there and its unsafe floors.

Wetherly - Wetherly cemetery - Haunted by evil souls who were buried on unblessed ground. Records of devil worshiping and cannibalism take place under the fog, on the cemetery grounds at dusk.

White Hall - Katie's Church - Strange noises, floating orbs, and unknown sources of light are often present in the cemetery behind the church. Also, blood is rumored to flow out of the boarded up windows at times.

White Oak - Coulterville Road - At the bottom of Coulterville Road, when you must make a 90-degree right turn, is where strange activity has occurred. If you turn up Eighth Street and made a left at the top of that street and continue down to the end, there is an old church and a small cemetery. You can hear footsteps and children and see figures out of your rear-view mirror.

Whitemarsh Township - Cedar Grove Park - in the woods you can hear screams and see figures walking around at night. (possible death in the barn house)

Wilkens Township - Edgewood Gulf course - 2 boys saw three ghostly white dogs on a trail behind the golf course that disappeared. One set of tracks lead into a tree and vanished. Another lead to a ditch and the dog was nowhere to be found. And the last ones went straight and then disappeared.

Wilkes-Barre - Old Cemetery - A section of Wilkes-Barre is plains. there is only a few cemeteries in plains. on William street there is cemeteries on both side. on the side by wooded area there is an old cemetery with few headstones said to be haunted by unpleasant ghosts. VIOLENT!

Wilkes Barre - Pine Run Road - when you drive on pine run road/nicknamed Babyroad. you can see a woman dressed in 1940's attire is seen walking across the street and when your lights hit her she disappears.

Wilkes Barre - Wilkes Barre Cemetery - Haunted by several Ghosts...One is an elderly man who appears to be looking for something. Another is something that is obviously very angry but hasn't any recognizable human features.

Williams township - Easton - Black Horse Inn - In 1927 a mobster was shot to death in the hall by the restrooms he got up to use the phone. He fell down the stairs to the basement; he hit his head on the wall. He died in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs. Johnny is what people nowadays call him. He turns clocks back, hides things, is even known to touch you. A fire started in the attic quite a few years ago. They never found out how it started. It is also one of the oldest buildings around.

Williams Township - Hexankopf Rock - Glowing lights, eerie sounds, and apparitions.

Williamsport - Allison's Grave - in south side near Duboistown on Mosquito Valley Road. Woman who was killed in plane crash who was decapitated is often seen, her head was never found.

Wilson - Sun Rayz Tanning Salon - This used to be a house where a family lived upstairs and one downstairs. Upon investigation into the history of the house it was discovered that the family upstairs had a daughter whom was very ill and died a very painful death at home in the attic. The attic still has remnants of a mattress and curtains on the windows. Employees of the tanning salon have reported strange occurrences. One employee placed a vacuum in a closet that opened inwards, and when she went to get the vacuum it was blocking the door. It was as if the ghost of the little girl were playing a prank on her. Also, the door that leads to the poor, to which no one has the key was found open. Late at night employees have reported hearing the girl laugh and also eerie feelings of being watched. Finally, during construction of the house to make it a tanning salon, several tools went missing, and one morning the crew came in to find the toilet in the new bathroom smashed. There was no evidence of a forced entry and only one person had the key. This is a great place to go to at night if you have the right connections!

Wilsonville - Dammach State Mental Institution - If you drive by at night and look in the first window on the third floor you will see a man standing there peering out, even thought the building is no longer inhabited. You can smell rotten bandages as you drive by so strong that you will have to close the windows.

Windber - Windber High School - If you turn out the lights in the girls bathroom by the gym sometimes the white figure will come out from the wall.

Winterstown - Ramier's Hollow - Weird paranormal events linked back to the Death of Ramier. The book "Hex" is based upon this legend. Creepy things happen there and most people avoid going there do to things such as your car suddenly stalling, wild dogs, and other bizarre things.

Womelsdorf - The Stouch Tavern - One of the oldest continually operating taverns in the state built in 1785. The owners have had encounters with ringing Christmas bells in the storage area, strewn paper napkins, where there are no paper napkins ever used in the place. Faucets turning off and on, footsteps on the roof, in the attic and across the floor of the tavern itself. Previous owners have named the ghost George.

Wrightsville - Accomac Inn - In side the in many of worker have seen strange things such as hearing soft music and a woman’s voice late at night, after cleaning the dining room then coming back in to fid dishes, chairs and tables moved around, doors opening and closing by themselves, and objects like plates and glasses being moved around.In the late 1800's the Colye family lived in the house where the Accomac is now. It is along the Susquhanna River. Johnny Colye, lived there with his Father (a Farmer, and a talented ferry navigator on the river) and his mother. His father hired a young women to assist his mother with various jobs. Johnny became quite smitten with her, and had asked her to be with him. She did not, however feel the same way about Johnny as he did for her. Enraged Johnny Killed her in the Barn, about 50 yards from the house. He was arrested and hung for his crime. His gravesite is about 100 yards from the house, tombstone still marks it, and it is readable. His epitaph reads "Weap not mother, for I am not dead, but merely sleeping." In an odd twist, in the barn caught fire in the 1950's and was burnt to the ground. It was never rebuild. exactly one year later, the original house burnt to the ground, it was re-built, exactly like the original. There is now a parking lot where the barn was, but if you walk about a 100 yards to the left of the inn, you will find the tombstone and the grave of Johnny Coyle. The girl’s name was possibly Molly) And Johnny, is quite the prankster, breaking dishes, slamming doors, ext. One of the Employees of the Accomac, said that She once saw two sprits in a upstairs storage room, one of a man and woman, both seemed younger (20s).

Wrightsville - Eastern York High School - Students at the school claim to see shadowy figures and doors slamming on their own. There were also reports of seeing orbs and other strange lights. Also earlier this year a student found ectoplasm on a gym locker. Their have been other stories about the school that date back to after the civil war. There have also been lots of horrible acts there from the students and teachers.

Wyomissing - Penn State Berks - There was a suicide each year for the first seven years that the school had dorms. The school is located directly across from the Tulepehocken Bridge haunting you have listed in your site and is directly next to Reading which is said to be the most demonic place on the east coast and for awhile held the country's highest suicide rating. Students, including myself, have heard footsteps and unusual behavior such as, doors slamming, feelings of uneasiness and sightings of a male student who committed suicide on the campus.

Wyomissing - Tulpehocken Covered Bridge - Legend states that a mother threw her children off this bridge many years ago. People have reported hearing the sound of children's voices and unusual cold spots.

York - Lewisberry/Goldsboro - Kunkle Mansion - There is a deserted house on the outskirts of Lewisberry/Goldsboro. It cannot be seen from the road, but is off Pine Road near the old bridge. It is quite a hike through the woods to get to it. It actually isn't a mansion, but an old farmhouse. It is supposed to be the site of a large massacre and suicide, where the mother of a very large family couldn't stand being isolated with the children, while her husband was a busy farmer. She snapped and killed all her children with an ax and knife, then killed her husband, and went to the attic and hung herself. After going unnoticed by the locals, they were found. It is now vacant, where parties are held, and satanic rituals were reported. The hike through the woods is eerie, and a presence can be felt. The house is still standing, and the woman can be seen sometimes in the windows, and her sobbing can be heard. A presence was felt in the basement, and a live tree, not dead or decaying fell while someone stood nearby.

York - Newberry - Industrial Solvents and Chemical Company - Located on Stevens Rd., right next to I-83, ISCC used to be a functioning chemical recycling plant. It was closed awhile back, we're not sure exactly when. Since then local kids have trashed the inside of the place, but every time we go there strange things happen. Dusty gloves have moved without disturbing the dust. Garage doors have closed and locked with no sound. We have heard people screaming although no one was around. Once you walk into this place, you get the feeling that someone is behind you, but no one is there. The people that worked there left in a hurry because all kinds of things were left behind, from pay stubs to doctors excuses and time cards, to boxes of blank checks. Something bad happened there, and there are definitely still people there.

York - Ray Meyer's Hallow - It is said that the farmhouse restored from the partially burnt structure from the 1900's is haunted. Witnesses and former residents have claimed to hear strange noises in the hallow, and sounds and bloody handprints in the house. Current residents do not allow people on the land or in the house.

York - The Seven Gates of Hell - It is a separate private road off of Toad Road. Years ago there was a mental hospital located near Toad road. It is now a deserted building. Hundreds of mental patients are said to have escaped from there and killed in the woods surrounding it. If you travel back to Toad Road, you go through seven gates known to locals as "The Seven Gates of Hell." No one has ever been through the fifth gate. Everyone who makes it to the gates hears noises and sees weird things moving in the woods. - Update: It was so popular among local teenagers that just recently, the old hospital and the gates were torn down. One gate stands, the first gate, which is highly visible off of Trout Run Rd. The area is private property, and there are many new no trespassing signs up. Forestry agents are reportedly tearing down trees back there to stop people from coming to experience the "freakiness".

York - Toad Road - The house on Toad road is another house where years ago a mother, father, and baby lived there in a farm house in the middle of a field and the mother killed her baby in the basement one night and then went upstairs to the living room and hung herself from the rafters and the house was vacated and left that way and is currently still standing. Some have reported seeing the noose still swinging from the ceiling and a basement light on. On certain nights.

York - York College - Strange occurrences have been reported in Campbell Hall. the suites and rooms are, as well as an aggressive presence in the kitchen.

York - Abandoned York Prison/George St. - A very tall old brick building. People have said that as you reach the second floor where the first cell block is located 2 or 3 ghosts follow you as you progress up the stairs. You can also look down at the cells and see a red glow as though from a cigarette. Many people are said to have committed suicide and have been murdered in this prison.

York Haven - Kunkle's Mansion - The story behind it is there was a rich doctor and his family living there long ago, and a jealous murder murdered him and his wife in the bathtub, and both their kids on the swing set out back. Rumor has it that when you walk up to the mansion, you are supposed to feel the murderer follow you until you set foot on the mansion, then you're safe. To physically get to the mansion, you must park along a creek and walk about 25 minutes through the woods and 2 open fields. The house sits in the middle of the woods, is 3 stories high and totally ransacked. - December Update: Kunkel's Mansion is off limits now, not that it ever wasn't. But there are now signs posted at the fields stating that they are patrolled. We have recieved conflicting reports on this haunted place. Around the area, adifferent submitter reports it is a gaming area. regardless, it may be best to stay away. entering a building with out permission is tresspassing, even when it seems it does not belong to anyone.

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